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Steven Salmon's Book in Paperback Now!

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For the very first time, I formatted a book and published it as a paperback on Amazon for an author. Prior to this, it was available only as a Kindle eBook, but people like to have a book in their hands so I made it happen for him.

Steven B. Salmon's book, It's a New Life! Mom is Gone is such a raw and honest book. And Steven is such a go-getter. He has some media interviews coming up, and he will have this book in his hands before then. The books arrived today, and I couldn't be more pleased. 

I will never get over my admiration for this man. To write every day, knocking out two to five words a minute using Morse Code as I rattle off 60 words a minute or more. Would I write if it took that much effort? 

Here are some reviews from Amazon that show I am not the only one impressed by Steven B. Salmon:

An amazingly inspirational read! Steve Salmon details what life is like after his mother's death. It is hard enough moving on after the death of a loved one, now imagine you can't do daily actions most of us take for granted like feeding ourselves, making calls, rolling over in bed, and going to the bathroom. Steve's new life isn't easy, but I thank him for sharing his story with us! ~ Thesily

Powerful! Brutally honest and very compelling! ~ Miriam Folk

An honest portrayal that is memorable and helpful
This is an honest portrayal that takes you on a ride that will surprise you. Steve doesn't hold back. This is revealing material, sometimes raw but Steve tells it like it is and I admire him for that. Despite the despair experienced with cerebral palsy, Steve also has a great sense of humor. He also shows readers how to conjure hope when you need it. Steve reveals the reality of his days, too, and his struggles in finding work as a writer and editor. You learn about the technical hoops he's gone through in order to write when your arms and your speech ability won't cooperate. He also takes you along for a ride on his scooter in a few vignettes that are memorable. Such as the local exotic dancer club! I admired how much he shared. Real and well-written. Highly recommended for adult readers. Includes adult situations. ~ Christine DeSmet

A Love Like No Other on Every Page!
Now the first chapter is little X-rated, but we all know people have needs. You're going to need lots of tissues, because the book isn't easy to read. The words from Steven's heart poured on the pages made it easy to see that the book wasn't easy to write either. After you've read it, go tell everyone! ~ Sezoni Whitfield

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