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July has been a very powerful month for us at Robert D. Reed Publishers and our authors—two books released on July 4, book launch parties, workshops/speaking engagements, radio interviews, and two books printed are now in the process of being sent out to reviewers prior to their official publication date.

1. Our newest author's book will be officially released on September 27, but we received his books this week and can now send it out to reviewers! In celebration, I found myself bursting into song, “We’re ready now for great and glorious things, and I’m excited great things are coming our way….” This book is so extraordinarily intelligent! Ishi Nobu’s book, Unraveling Reality: Behind the Veil of Existence can be found here:

2. Thirty-eight years ago, today, July 21, 1979, Mac and Simone Leng arrived in Long Beach, CA after enduring 3 years 8 months and 20 days of what felt to me (as I edited the book) like “hell on earth,” so profoundly documented in the memoir by Frances T. Pilch called INVISIBLE: Surviving the Cambodian Genocide. Tonight is their launch party for the book in Colorado, and if I could astro travel, I would be there in a heartbeat to celebrate with Fran, Mac, and Simone. (See to order their book.)

3. Our author Marsha Barth, (see will be interviewed on Radio Stations 90.5 WXGN, 101.1 WXRM and 107.7 WRWL in Ocean City, NJ at 10:30 a.m. on this Saturday, July 22. There will then be a book signing and CD sale together at "The Truth That Rocks Bookstore" located at 1100 New Road, Northfield, NJ from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. also on Saturday, July 22. THE ATLANTIC CITY PRESS will also be there to conduct an interview for a story. Every purchase of The Shattering II will receive a FREE CD of "A Shattered Vessel", a song which Marty wrote exclusively for this book. She also speaks a narrative on this CD. All purchases go directly to support her ministry.

4. Two books were released on July 4: First, Flightmares: Sky-High Humor by none other than my husband, the publisher/owner of Robert D. Reed Publishers. Promoting it on flights to the flight attendants and pilots has been a pure joy, and my husband and I sport t-shirts to promote the book!

 5. Susan Opalka, author of GOING OUT IN STYLE:
A Collection of Personal Celebration-of-Life Stories

is having a launch party on Sunday, July 23 to celebrate that her book came out on July 4 (fitting as there are fireworks on her cover!!). We had the pleasure of meeting her in person in Phoenix in April. 

6. Jean Walters, author of SET YOURSELF FREE: Live the Life YOU Were Meant to Live! (see and, is continually very active empowering people in her speeches and workshops.

 7. And last by not least, MORE JOKES 4 MATHY FOLKS, the sequel to MATH JOKES 4 MATHY FOLKS has been printed and will be released August 15 in time for orders for the new school year. 



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  • Jean Walters on

    Beautiful books. Thanks for the mention and congratulations on your book Robert.

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