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8 Ways to Profit from being an Author

Cleone Reed Cleone Reed Make money as an author Robert D. Reed Publishers Ways to Profit from being an Author

What can an author do to make money after publishing his or her book?  1. Royalties are paid according to book sales. Promote like crazy. 2. Do speaking engagements. Oftentimes, people want to take a bit of you home with them, and your book is the way they do that. Authors with a platform have a ready-made market for their book(s). 3. Coaching. You can do that online these days, over the phone, or of course in person. You can even coach someone in another country using Skype... with no overhead. How wonderful is that? 4. Create an online course...

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Deal a Story and GO WILD with ideas!

Cleone Reed Adding twists to novels Card game for writers Character development choosing a genre choosing a plot Cleone Reed comedy writers Deal a Story overcoming writer's block playwrights plot development screenwriters Story development Sue Viders surprise endings Tool for Writers villians and heroes and heroines writer's block Writer's Tool writers groups writing coaches writing teachers

When I play with the Deal a Story Brain-Storming Card Game by Sue Viders, I end up with a wide variety of emotions. Today, the first hand I drew made me literally laugh out loud! Another one made me totally puzzled. Another one had me intrigued. I think the reactions and feelings are as endless as the possible stories that can come out of using this game, or as we refer to it, this writer’s tool. (Here is a sample random draw:) The idea is to pick one of sixteen cards in each group: Hero, Heroine, Villain, Plot, and Genre; and...

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Richard Blake reviewed THE QUINCY SOLUTION

Cleone Reed Barry Goldstein Cleone Reed October Domestic Violence Month Robert D. Reed Publishers STOP ABUSE CAMPAIGN The Quincy Solution

THE QUINCY SOLUTION * has SIX 5-star reviews on Amazon * is now up as a Kindle e-book (as well as available in printed form)  * AND we got a great review from Richard Blake, as follows: The Quincy Solution By: Barry Goldstein Robert D. Reed Publishers 978-134759868, $ 19.95, 2014, 296 pages Reviewed by Richard R. Blake, A Shocking Expose of Domestic Violence in America In “The Quincy Solution” Barry Goldstein alerts the reader with a new awareness of the extent of the problems created as a result of sexual violence, wife and child abuse in the home and...

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Lunch with our new author

Robert Reed Barry Goldstein Bob Reed Cleone Reed October Domestic Violence Month Robert D. Reed Publishers STOP ABUSE CAMPAIGN The Quincy Solution

One of the real perks in our travels is meeting our authors. Here we are with Barry Goldstein in New Jersey celebrating the soon-to-be-launched book, THE QUINCY SOLUTION: Stop Domestic Violence and Save $500 Billion. This man deserves a medal for standing up to a flawed court system and advocating for women and children who have suffered from domestic violence/abuse. A primary figure in the STOP ABUSE CAMPAIGN, we at Robert D. Reed publishers applaud and support this mission.

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