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Our Author Is Feeling Trapped and Frustrated

Cleone Reed Frustrations living with Cerebral Palsy Governor Evers Republican Decisions regarding the disabled Steven Salmon

Our Author Is Feeling Trapped and Frustrated

Steven Salmon, author of IT'S A NEW LIFE! Mom is Gone, is unable to use his hands and uses Morse code to write, tapping out letters using his head. (See YouTube video here.) With a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Writing from the University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point, and the author of five books, he often spends 10 to 12 hours a day writing 4 to 5 words a minute. Eight caregivers covering shifts 24/7 take care of Steven and his two housemates. Steven Salmon often writes emails with the request to have them posted. He wants the world to know how ridiculous our system is...

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