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EMOTIONAL ABUSE is an insidious form of abuse as there are no physical scars; there is no name calling, screaming, or alcoholic rages. However, the child's emotional scars are real and have long-term consequences. Last year we published a Kindle version of Healing My Inner Wounded Child by Jan E. Frazier, and now it is out in paperback! This book touches on many concepts and real-life episodes in Frazier's life which can result from a wounded Inner Child – fear, withdrawal, depression, low self-esteem, Anorexia Nervosa, co-dependency, and perfectionism.   I read this book cover to cover in one sitting. You would...

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The Path to Healthy Relationships: KINDNESS essential

Cleone Reed abuse dorm room poster Gay Holland Healthy relationship October Domestic Violence Month relationship art print Robert D. Reed Publishers stop abuse campaign

Having a healthy relationship is not something to take for granted. Sometimes it is easier to realize a relationship isn't healthy than to define what would make it healthy. This beautiful poster stimulates thinking and discussion; it is like a book on one page. Great for dorm rooms, homes, offices, shelters, etc.    When a team of us were creating the words to go on this poster (we called it an art print because an award-winning artist Gay Holland drew it and it is beautiful), we knew we were ready to go to print when we added the word "Kindness." This...

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