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Healing my Wounded Inner Child

EMOTIONAL ABUSE is an insidious form of abuse as there are no physical scars; there is no name calling, screaming, or alcoholic rages. However, the child's emotional scars are real and have long-term consequences.

Last year we published a Kindle version of Healing My Inner Wounded Child by Jan E. Frazier, and now it is out in paperback! This book touches on many concepts and real-life episodes in Frazier's life which can result from a wounded Inner Child – fear, withdrawal, depression, low self-esteem, Anorexia Nervosa, co-dependency, and perfectionism.  

I read this book cover to cover in one sitting. You would think after being a therapist for ten years and working with people with abuse issues that this book would hold no relevance for me. WRONG. What a gift, her own personal growth, that Frazier gave to herself, her loved ones, and her readers! 

The Quincy SolutionAnother book we published addresses DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, which often entails SEXUAL ABUSE and CHILD ABUSE as well: The Quincy Solution: Stop Domestic Violence and Save $500 Billion by Barry Goldstein. The STOP ABUSE CAMPAIGN uses this book. 

My husband and I got to meet Barry Goldstein in person when we took a trip out East last year. I am so impressed with the courage this man has to stand up to the system that reinforces the ploys of men who are violent in their homes to the detriment of the safety of the women and children. 

This book gives hope to our society if, WHEN, the powers that be take heed and adopt the solution presented in this outstanding book.  

Books on Ritual AbuseThen there is RITUAL ABUSE. I contributed a chapter to our first of three books on Ritual Abuse called Forgiveness and Child Abuse: Would YOU Forgive by Lois Einhorn, Ph.D.  NOT because I ever experienced ritual abuse; but I responded to the author's question about whether or not she should forgive and told about how my mother at age 22 was raped at knife point, stabbed several times, and left for dead when I was an infant in the bassinet beside her bed as she was attacked. (My mother lived through this ordeal; she died two years ago at age 89.5.)

Reading Lois's book and later meeting her in person and learning about the absolutely horrific things that she endured was very challenging. I vacillated between crying and wanting to throw up. I had to reach out to one of the authors in the next book to help me through it. I just didn't want to believe what I heard.

Ellen Lacter is the author who is my personal resource who contributed to RITUAL ABUSE in the TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY, edited by Noblitt and Noblitt. With many contributors (almost all professionals) from around the world, this book is like an encyclopedia on the subject. Abuse is a Universal phenomenon. It happens in so many cultures.  I think perhaps many people would rather not even know about such things. If I knew when I was a therapist what I know now, I might have been different with at least one client that I recall. I just didn't know. They don't teach about Ritual Abuse in universities; at least not in any course I ever took in Social Work or Counseling... at any weekend seminars/workshops. What a gap! THIS BOOK SHOULD BE MANDATORY READING for every student in every university who is studying social work, counseling, medicine, psychology, etc. 

Fire and Water by Anna F. Thomas is a personal memoir. Do you ever wonder why and how people develop multiple personality disorders? This book demonstrates the power Ritual Abuse can have over someone's psyche. She used her faith to help her heal.

YES, there all kinds of abuse, and every single kind damages the soul and leaves life-long scars that require immeasurable challenges in the healing process. Imagine a world where everyone was emotionally/psychologically healthy and KIND. Abuse of all kinds is a real ill on our planet. Read these books and gain understanding and compassion.

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  • md. almin on

    Very nice your post. This article is really very interesting and effective.

  • Pamela Noblitt on

    Cleone, this is an excellent introduction to the topic of abuse that will hopefully initiate thoughtful discussion. The personal and societal consequences of abuse of all kinds are incidious, destructive, lasting, and can cause great suffering on many levels. The voices of a backlash that insists that reports of abuse are invented or exagerated has sadly taken over any discussion about abuse and the physical, emotional, psychological and behavioral toll it takes. It is our hope as editors and contributors to Ritual Abuse in the 21st Century that people’s awareness will be enhanced as they learn that abuse occurs in private, among the poor as well as the rich, the educated and not, in urban and rural communities, and can be perpetrated by family or strangers. Most importantly, secrecy is the ally of abuse. Everyone must do whatever is possible to bring this crime into the light to help those already suffering and to prevent future victimization.

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