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Robert D. Reed Publishers News — Jeffrey Miller DC


Cleone Reed Chiropractic Jeffrey Miller Happiness Happy James Downton Jeffrey Miller DC The Happiness Coach The Road to happiness is always under construction Why am I so Damn Unhappy?

 We have two authors who have written books directly addressing happiness, and today I ran across this delightful prayer that author Dr. James Downton, a.k.a., The Happiness Coach, wrote. Who ever gets playful when they pray?? He does!  And he uses humor and honesty to wake people up to what's making them unhappy in his book, Why Am I so DAMN Unhappy?    Just opening a page at random in Jeffrey Miller's book, The Road to Happiness Is Always Under Construction, I mused at page 100 where he says, "... He took the music off the stand, turned it upside down, and...

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