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Robert D. Reed Publishers News — The Path to Healthy Relationships

There are college courses on relationships!

Cleone Reed Colleges offer courses on relationships International Association for Relationship Research Marriage homework Relationship poster The Path to Healthy Relationships

This is wonderful news! Read this article:  Imagine these professors and students using the poster, The Path to Healthy Relationships, as a tool in their discussions and reflections. It is also exciting to learn there is an International Association for Relationship Research. To have the emotional intelligence required for a healthy relationship starts with the knowledge of what a healthy relationship is in the first place! I wish I would have had a course in college when I went to school in the late sixties! I do remember taking a class called Marriage and Family in the Social Work Department, and what I got out...

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Cleone Reed Commitment to parnter Gay Holland Healthy Relationships importance to loyalty integrity in a relationship Robert D. Reed Publishers The Path to Healthy Relationships wedding vows writing your own wedding vows

When my husband and I got married six years ago, we wrote our own vows. Inspired by "My Commitment" by Dr. Michael Ryce, this is how I worded part of my vows to Bob Reed: "My commitment to you today is to love you, to support you and all your needs, and also commit to always act and talk to you and about you in loving and respectful ways, whether in your presence or not. I commit to the value of never having any issue more important than our relationship... I don't know of one word that captures this last...

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