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Robert D. Reed  

Book publisher, consultant, "Idea Man" 
and "self-appointed funny man"

Always dedicated to “making this a better world one book at a time,” the fun-loving and generous founder of Robert D. Reed Publishers (Bob) has produced and distributed about 2000 titles in his 45+ years as a publisher, including House Calls: How we can all save the world one visit at a time by Patch Adams, M.D. — the compassionate and humorous doctor portrayed by Robin Williams in Universal Picture's hit film, "Patch Adams." 

In addition to publishing books, Bob has been a co-author of more than 50 books and resource guides on a wide range of subjects, including:  environmental issues, current affairs, health, business excellence, responsible leadership, helping women to get elected to political offices, creating high-quality education, effective parenting, psychology, ending domestic violence and child abuse, homelessness, human and animal rights, healing racism, and peaceful activism.  Profits from one of his cookbooks fed millions of children worldwide through the C.A.R.E. Organization in New York City.  Many of his authors have been featured on television and radio programs, and in newspaper and magazine articles throughout the world.

Throughout his career, Bob has been dedicated to producing quality books that help, inspire, and empower people, such as: RelationShift: Revolutionary Fundraising; The Joy of Selling; Preparing Heirs:  Five Steps to a Successful Transition of Family Wealth and Values; and Saving The Soul of Medicine. Inspired by the book Ten Commitments, he published a Ten Commitment series: Ten Commitments to Your Success, ... for Networking, ... for Building High Performance Teams, ... to be Forever Fit, ... to be Mentally Fit, ... for Men, and Ten Commitments for Women. 

Bob Reed is courageous in the topics he features in his publication picks, i.e., he has three books about ritual abuse and now one on ending domestic violence, THE QUINCY SOLUTION, supporting the STOP ABUSE CAMPAIGN.  Forgiveness and Child Abuse:  Would YOU Forgive? includes 53 contributors, many influential well-known people, and has very wide applications to make this a better world. The second one is like an encyclopedia / textbook on the subject of ritual abuse with 552 pages:  Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-First Century: Psychological, Forensic, Social, and Political Considerations (featuring 21 contributors from eight countries and seven states), edited by Randy Noblitt and Pamela Perskin Noblitt.  All of these books should be used in colleges and universities, training all professionals before they get into the real world.

Bob's values are evident and reflected in the books he publishes.  He has several memoirs of some very courageous people that serve as inspiration.  And he is very proud how many influential people who dedicate their work to making this a better world have endorsed his authors and their books.

As the founder of Green-PR, a San Francisco-based public relations firm, Bob represented and promoted socially and environmentally responsible causes and organizations.  He also has taught companies how to use more environmentally friendly products and packaging.  As co-founder of a grassroots organization, CeaseFire (in San Francisco and Boston), Bob has been an advocate for ending gun violence in our communities.  He is the publisher of a citizen's guide, 50 Things You Can Do About Guns, by his deceased friend and author, James M Murray, who was featured in a Bill Moyers' PBS special about violence.

Bob has lectured and has given seminars on publishing and social issues, including a publishing workshop while cruising through the Panama Canal and the Caribbean, and was featured on a panel discussion on effective ways to assist the homeless.

Bob has also produced a television show for Century Corporation in Japan on world peace. He hired the host, translators, chose the panel, and managed the production at an NBC affiliate.

As an international marketing consultant, Bob has been involved with the research, development, and marketing of creative products, packaging, and services. He has also developed a unique and humorous line of greeting cards and gift items. Hundreds of articles have been written about Reed's innovative companies, projects, and ideas.  He is listed in Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the West, Who's Who in Entertainment, and Who's Who in International Biographies.   His clients (for graphic design and printing work) have included Hewlett-Packard, Apple Computer, Wang Computer, U.S. West Information Systems, U.S. Gypsum, and United Technologies.

Born in Pennsylvania, Bob moved with his parents to California as a young boy.  At age 18, he joined the U.S. Army and served for three years in the U.S. Army Intelligence Corps in Germany.  He has three married children and six grandchildren.  He now lives and works on the beautiful Southern Oregon Coast.  He enjoys watching high-quality and humorous films, plays and musicals; listening to great music; collecting books; painting; taking walks on the beach; dancing; and traveling with his wife, Cleone.

A man with a wide range of close friendships and a wonderful relationship with his family, he also loves and maintains friendships with many of his authors.  His contract with his authors has the word FUN in it, and FUN is how he creates his life, personally and professionally. 

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Cleone L. Reed, MSE – Cover and promotional materials designer, photographer, editor, book production supervisor

Before joining RDR Publishers in 2004,Cleone was a social worker, an outpatient mental health counselor, a writer, and a professional clown.  She has a Bachelor's in Social Work and a Master's in Education, Community Counseling from the University of Wisconsin. Working with authors, she brings her counseling background and writing skills into her editorial work.  A cover designer, she is also an avid photographer, does photo layouts and Photoshop creations for inside the books, and periodically contributes her own photos to a book cover. Cleone also  gets the ISBNs and LC numbers for the books, and she launches them onto the distributor's website so the books can be available wherever books are sold, onto Bowker Book's in Print, and on this website.  She also formats and launches the e-books and pays the royalties. She works passionately to please her authors so they are very proud to promote their books.

She is an avid cheerleader for all of her authors to market their books widely with courage and confidence, often feeding them ideas and assistance. Making sure the books are edited, including the content, she asks her authors to pass the "couch test." That means that when an author gets in a very relaxed state and thinks of his or her book, nothing pops into his or her consciousness that says, "Oh, I shouldn't have said that" or any such thought that brings them discomfort.

Cleone married Bob on September 13, 2008. She has one grown married son who is an international corporate pilot and a six-year old grandson. 

See Cleone's book, THE SACRED ART OF CLOWNING... and LIFE! and keep up with what she has to say on the blog on this website!

She can be reached at