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Robert D. Reed / Robert D. Reed Publishers

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Bob Reed, owner of Robert D. Reed Publishers, has personally worked with many authors on a personal level and received much praise over the years. Here is some of what people have to say:

"Robert D. Reed Publishers is an outstanding company. When I received the first copy of my contract, I knew I wanted to work with them for a long time; item #12 in the contract reads, "The author and the publishers will work hard and have fun promoting the book and keep each other motivated about marketing it." This is the only contract I've ever signed that contained the word "fun!" Bob and his wife Cleone have now published two of my books, and the process has been fantastic both times. They are incredibly responsive and friendly. I would highly recommend RDR Publishers to any authors in search of a great publishing company."
~ Patrick Vennebush, author of Math Jokes 4 Mathy Jokes and More Jokes 4 Mathy Folks
"I am the author of a book recently published by Robert D. Reed Publishers. This extraordinary publishing company represents the very best in terms of integrity, professionalism, and commitment to excellence. Their word is their bond, they care about their authors and the subject matter of the books they represent, and they are incredibly supportive and helpful at every turn. I feel blessed that they chose to publish my book. I could not praise them more highly."
~ Fran Pilch, author of INVISIBLE: Surviving the Cambodian Genocide
"Having worked with Robert D. Reed Publishers, I can attest to the extraordinary individualized publishing and author services received from Cleone and Bob Reed! They are truly passionate about their work and it shows in every book they publish. Life should be fun and they feel publishing books should be too—and they live up to that side of their promise! They will work diligently as a team to bring your work to reality and ensure it is the quality of excellence you envision. Their combined merger of experience is both valued and essential for the many different genres and titles they publish, serving to their ongoing commitment to making the world better, one book at a time."
~ Holley Kelley, author of Sunrises and Sunsets: Final Affairs Forged with Flair, Finesse, and FUNctionality
"Robert D. Reed Publishers is a phenomenal publishing company. In an era where there are so many publishers, self-publishing, and others, all waiting to take advantage of avid young writers—Robert D. Reed Publishers is different. They excel in what they do. They are honest and forthcoming, and support worthy issues in the books that they publish. They not only take excellence in everything that they publish but they put heart into every book that is published. Quality books with a story to tell."
~ Marsha Barth, author of THE SHATTERING II: Breaking the Silence
"Robert D Reed Publishers put out a beautiful, first class book, Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU Were Meant to Live. They are creative, professional, and fun to work with. They have wonderful titles and add much to a world that needs inspiration and transformation."
~ Jean Walters, Author of Set Yourself Free

 "I really appreciate your hard work, dedication, and friendship." ~ Patch Adams, M.D., author of House Calls: How we can all save the world one visit at a time

"As an author, the experience of independently publishing a book was a big step to take. It was important for me to know that the publishers believed in my work.  This is where Robert Reed came in. If someone had told me that a reporter from People Magazine and a producer from Oprah's TV Show would take an interest, I'd have thought they were grasping too high.  Yet you said that was possible, then you made it happen!"
~ Eileen Williams Sabry, author of Wishes in Black and White

"Thanks for your help in publishing my book. I had submitted my manuscript to over forty publishers and received negative responses from all of them. With your help I was published and within three months of publication, I have received my investment back. The book is well bound and the cover looks far better than I had expected. Many readers have expressed their zeal for the great looks and content."  
~ Matt Mattingly, author of The Long Walk Home

"I just received my books and they look great! I appreciate your responsiveness.  Everyone at Robert D. Reed Publishers has been extremely professional and supportive. The final product exceeded my highest expectations. Your expertise as a publisher turned a great book into a "work of art." My experience has not only been memorable, but fun as well."
~ Carol Kelly, author of Kelly: Voices from the Heart

"Just wanted to say thanks for a great job on the publication of my book. I've had numerous compliments from readers about the book's attractiveness and the professionalism that has gone into it. You've played a huge part in making it successful. Thanks a million!"
~ Tom Massey, Ph.D., author The ABC's of Successful Living

"I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the excellent work you have done on my second book. The responses I have received so far are overwhelmingly positive. And to have my book online through your website at has made my job of selling the book easier!"
~ Patrick Michels, author of Actualization

"Thank you very much for of your help and expertise. I appreciate your being so accessible and caring about your authors. It has been wonderful to know that I'm in good hands."
~ Miriam Bostwick, author of What Goes on Beyond the Pearly Gates?

"My book is doing very well down here, and I am very happy with it. It's presently the #2 best seller under the topic "heart surgery" on! Sales have expanded in every place that I have introduced it. It is the #1 "book of local interest" in the city of Birmingham and #1 in Atlanta. This may not seem like much, but it is strong within the highly specialized field of heart surgery, where a book of this nature has never been written. My message is being delivered, just as I had hoped."
~ Charles Murrah, M.D., author of This Ain't E.R.

"I just received my advance copies of my book and am very pleased with it. I am especially pleased, Bob, with your kindness, patience, and fairness in our business relationship, as well as the personal interest and encouragement you've expressed in what I was trying to accomplish with the book. I don't know how it could have been done any better."
 Bill Miller, author of The Funeral Book

"You know, Bob, I think you're the greatest! What you folks do is amazing and people are responding to the book favorably.  Thanks to all your efforts, I feel as if it's good enough to become a movie now! The book cover attracts attention whenever I walk around with it!"
~ Gloria Hartman, author of Race for Doroon

"I want to express my appreciation for your work in publishing the history of our company. The final result exceeded our expectations and showed the quality and time you put into the project. Being new to publishing, I had to learn everything that goes into a finished product. You were both patient and experienced enough to guide me through the details. Your timing was right on schedule and your cost estimates actually came in under budget."
~ Carolyn Mahoney, Director of Corporate Communications, Catalina Marketing Corp.

"Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the finished product, inside and out! The cover is excellent, a definite attention grabber. I am more than satisfied."
 ~ Robert A Nass, author of America's 18-Hour Workweek

"From my first conversation with Bob Reed I got a confident feeling. He really seemed to know what he was talking about and I felt as if he cared. My feelings were right. Seven months ago I decided that I had spent enough time and energy trying to convince the big publishers that my book was worth producing. After a few phone conversations, a couple of meetings, a bit of computer wizardry, and last minute editing, in a mere six months . . .  I was sitting on top of a pile of books of my dreams. And now, two of the biggest book chains in the world are asking ME for MY BOOK!"
~ Philip Travisano, author of And Trail Mix Rained from the Sky

"I am very pleased with the book. The cover design, typeface, and layout are beyond my expectations. And thanks for your availability to consult on all matters, large and small."
~ Richard Stone, author of Beyond

"I want to thank you for the wonderful, professional job you did with my book. I appreciated your willingness to hear me and to work together as a team. I was impressed with your honesty and reliability. You followed up on your agreements and worked hard to have the book printed on schedule. I am very proud of the finished product.'
- Helene Rothschild, author of Angels Speak and
Free to Fly: Dare to Be a Success

'Thanks for the excellent job. Not only is my book cover appealing to the eye, it clearly expresses the urgency and content of the book. I could not have been more pleased with the finished book. I have also received many favorable comments on it. I would certainly highly recommend your services to anyone who is thinking of publishing a book.'
~ Will Clark, author of The Leadership Handbook

"Robert D. Reed has been a Godsend. After having bad experiences with other publishers, I found Robert Reed and was able to relax with the assurance that he has done a great job for me. I am very pleased with the results."
~ Dave Echt, author of Messenger from the Summer of Love

"When my husband and I were visiting Northern California and happened to read a newspaper article about Robert D. Reed Publishers, I felt as if it were a good omen to send my manuscript to this company. I'm happy that I did because under the co-publishing contract, I now have a thousand copies of my little book and could not be more pleased with its cover, type, and overall appearance."
~ Diane Van Deusen, author of Dear Seal Puppy

"I thought of calling but fear of babbling prompted me to write instead. I received the book. What a moment! The book is beautiful. You have done a magnificent job. No matter what else happens now, this is already a success."
~ John W. Sellers, author of Foxing the Witch

"It has been a pleasure to work with you, your typesetter, and your artist on publishing this book. You have meticulously kept appointments with me and have delivered material to me as promised. Every part of our transaction together has been smooth and pleasant. I am delighted with the finished product."
~ Lynne O'Neill Hook, Ph.D., author of Personality Plus

"I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with your work in publishing my book. Many readers have commented on the attractive layout and the excellent choice of type style. I wish to thank you again."
~ Noel J. Brown, author of Kiwi Odyssey

"My book is hot off the press! Your company has been a pleasure to work with throughout the process of transforming months of research into the pages of a book."
~ Shirley Deeter, author of AdvenTOURing

"I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am. The book has received many fine comments, and people who have seen it feel it is very professionally done, has an excellent cover design, and leaves one with a very favorable impression overall. I want you to know I really appreciate your considerable effort, your cooperative attitude, and quality work."
~ Dennis Lees, Ph.D., author of Successful Parenting for Stressful Times

"This letter is to thank all of you for being so pleasant to work with and for gently handling my many phone calls and questions. The work you did was wonderful.  The book cover is outstanding and appealing to the eye. The book is outstanding and I am very pleased."
~ Jacklyn M. Pia, author of Multiple Personality Gift

"Thank you sincerely for our wonderful working arrangements. You may quote me as saying "From first to last I found Robert D. Reed to be based squarely on principle, which was why I came to you. I can highly recommend your honesty, fairness, and integrity."
~ Evelyn Radcliffe, author of Profits Without Honor

"After having three books published by Robert D. Reed, I received a decade of speaking invitations, research grants, and academic promotions. Not only did these monographs create instant professional recognition, but they have sustained my reputation for more than a decade.  Robert D. Reed's marketing and editorial departments are professional and supportive for prospective authors."
~ Howard A. DeWttt, author of Violence in the Fields

"Thank you for providing the guidance and direction necessary to produce a book tailored to my needs. The cover was professionally done from start to finish. I think it is outstanding. The book was completed in a timely manner and the cost was certainly reasonable. Mr. Reed takes the stress out of book publishing and produces a professional product that any author can be proud of."
~ James Hall, author of The Goal Book

"The books were delivered and they look great. It has really been a pleasure to work with you. You are an unusual publisher who has a very caring attitude concerning the author's needs and wishes. I am grateful for that and also for your obvious desire to make my book a success. While you have many other titles to worry about, you manage to project a special interest in mine. I am sure your other authors agree."
~ Margaree Klein, author of How to Be a Successful and Sexy Widow

"This is just a quick thank you for the help you gave me in producing my book. I particularly appreciated your critique and patience in improving the quality of it. Your guidance in marketing it has also been helpful."
~ Gerhard Flemming, author of Managing by Slime and Grime

"Before deciding to publish my own book, I had researched several packagers.  It was the sensible approach, solid promises on paper, and background that convinced me to actually proceed with it. How glad I am that I did. What really surprises me is the continuing support and personal interest you have given me since the book was printed. It encourages me to continue working at my next book because it has been such a pleasant experience. The books are beautiful, too!"
~ Elizabeth Porter Craddock, author of Life Enhancement One...

"This note is just a quick reaffirmation of my thanks for the very hurried production of my book.  As I feared, my brother's health continued to decline and we lost him recently.  But the book gave his children, especially, a chance to learn a lot about him and to spend time discussing his childhood with him before he died. I sent a copy to a cousin and my only remaining uncle, and was amazed by the number of relatives who wanted copies. I have been reimbursed in so many special ways other than monetarily. It was well worth it."
~ Delores M.S. Etchart, author of Twigs & Tendrils

"I am a delighted customer!  I received my order for Get Out of Your Thinking Box today – only 24 hours after ordering the books from you.  You made my day, Mr. Reed – two days in a row!  Thanks for your outstanding service."
~ D.C. Rosser, Corporate Human Resources, Caterpillar, Inc.

Note: Other former clients of Robert D. Reed include Hewlett Packard, U.S. West Information Systems, Wang, United Technologies, and Apple Computer.