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Robert D. Reed Publishers News — Kindle Countdown Sale


Cleone Reed April Fool's Sale Author with Cerebral Palsy Book on Sale Countdown Sale It's a New Life! Kindle Countdown Sale Larry Watson Mom is Gone NO JOKE Severe Cerebral Palsy Steven B. Salmon Steven Salmon


NO JOKE! April Fool’s Day is the beginning of a countdown sale for It’s a New Life! by Steven Salmon. It is time to grab this deal. Mark your calendar!! Or support Steven and buy it NOW for $6.99 and warm up the link to his book!! Here are the sale details:    April 1, starting at 8 a.m. and lasting for 32 hours, It’s a New Life! will sell for ONLY $0.99. YES, ONLY $0.99 and that is NO JOKE! That is ninety-nine cents!! Less than a dollar! It is 86% off! NO JOKE!! April 2, starting at 4...

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