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Cleone Reed April Fool's Sale Author with Cerebral Palsy Book on Sale Countdown Sale It's a New Life! Kindle Countdown Sale Larry Watson Mom is Gone NO JOKE Severe Cerebral Palsy Steven B. Salmon Steven Salmon

NO JOKE! April Fool’s Day is the beginning of a countdown sale for It’s a New Life! by Steven Salmon. It is time to grab this deal. Mark your calendar!! Or support Steven and buy it NOW for $6.99 and warm up the link to his book!! Here are the sale details:


    • April 1, starting at 8 a.m. and lasting for 32 hours, It’s a New Life! will sell for ONLY $0.99. YES, ONLY $0.99 and that is NO JOKE! That is ninety-nine cents!! Less than a dollar! It is 86% off! NO JOKE!!
    • April 2, starting at 4 p.m. and lasting for 32 hours, It’s a New Life!  will sell for 72% off at only $1.99. Still a great deal!! NO JOKE!
    • April 4, starting at midnight and lasting for 32 hours, It’s a New Life!  will still be 58% off at $2.99. Still a great deal. NO JOKE!
    • April 5, if you still haven’t taken advantage of this countdown deal, the book is still 43% off at $3.99. Hurry! You have 32 hours from 8 a.m. Spread the word.
    • April 6. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE to get It’s a New Life! on sale. NO JOKE. It is still 29% off at only $4.99.

    NO JOKE! This book is worth its regular price at $6.99. Just imagine writing a book using Morse Code and getting ONE LETTER PER THREE OR FOUR SECONDS recorded on the computer screen!  Most of us who sit at a computer typing can knock out 40 to 60 words a MINUTE or more! A word is considered to be five letters. When Steven Salmon writes, he gets two to four words a minute to appear on his screen.

    BUY THIS BOOK! Support the most industrious, persevering, determined, delightful author you will ever encounter. Feel what it is like to be this severely handicapped and yet have as his life’s mission to be an accomplished author.

    Are you by some chance afraid to put yourself in this man’s shoes for a read into the mind, heart, and soul of Steven Salmon? Be not afraid. Just because he can’t walk, talk, sing, or dance like you can does not mean he doesn’t have a super good brain and a heart of gold. Widen your horizons, broaden the depth of your character, and feel into this man’s soul as you read his very personal, raw, and revealing book describing his life’s journey as a college-educated man with severe cerebral palsy. You will be inspired. And that is NO JOKE! 

    Whether you time your purchase during the Countdown Sale OR pay full price, I predict you, too, will “fall in love” with the heart and soul of Steven B. Salmon, author of It’s a New Life! Mom is Gone.

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