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Historic Souvenirs to Pass Down for Generations

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Never before have we needed a bit of comic relief to distract us from the realities of our political climate these days.

Never before has there been such an emotionally immature POTUS. Maybe Trump will find out about this card and TWEET about it?!!! He hates all the photos on this card and that is his typical M.O. when he is criticized or made fun of!

When my husband published this card, we thought it was hilarious that such a man could even run for President, and we had very little, like hardly any at all, expectations that he could actually win!!

Well, he didn't really win. We are the only democratic country in the world where the popular vote doesn't determine who gets the position. In 2012, Trump himself actually tweeted, "The Electoral College is a disaster." But I am sure he isn't saying that now!!!

Many of us are wondering just how long will we have to endure what is going on in our government? Many of us are worried about the fate of so many social programs, of specific groups of people, etc. I personally will not be directly affected by what is happening. I am a white, straight, married, third-generation American of Norwegian descent and I am still working at 71 years old (my husband is almost 76 and still working publishing books). BUT I have people in my life whom I love who could be affected, so what goes on in the political world DOES impact me. I have several friends who were born in other countries; I have friends who are gay and one who is trans-sexual, and throughout my life, I have had several black friends.

Therefore, we support any attempts to impeach this POTUS and/or protest him. In any of your anti-Trump activities, use this as a prop to tell people what you really think of this man. The Trump Card is unflattering, to say the least, and sounds like a big fart when opened.

What I find to be totally ironic, though, is that some Trump supporters actually like this card. They think it is funny, and they don't care that he mimicked a disabled man or is the laughing stock of much of the world. Never before has there been such a world-wide disrespect for our country and so much fodder for political comedy, but the Trump supporters seem to just shrug that off. They like photos of him, regardless of how unflattering or disgusting they are.

And while you are at it, check this book out. The Little Fat Boy was written a few decades ago by Mark Tierney and illustrated by Victoria Tierney, but recently I scanned it and put it on line for them. It is quite an accurate description of the qualities of our current POTUS. Greedy, dishonest, manipulative, and the list goes on.

FEED THE RESISTANCE! Buy the Trump Card in quantity, a three-pack at least, but better yet, a ten-pack or multiples of ten-packs. And buy this book. They will prove to be not only fuel for the resistance and enjoyable comic-relief products in the present moment but historic souvenirs to pass down for generations to come when we all shake our heads and wonder how this could have ever happened in the first place.



Anyone who orders at least a ten-pack will receive 10 FREE stickers of these two photos.

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  • Myra Lawson on

    So grateful that at least we have the Reeds for comic relief. I’ll get hold of you for another Little Fat Boy, the other one got snapped up last fall at Democratic headquarters in Coos Bay.

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