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Trump Greeting Card

Robert D Reed Publishers

Trump Greeting Card

$ 3.95


Do you like to pull pranks?

To hear people jump, scream, laugh, and snort?

Shock everyone when you play this prank!

If you hate/dislike him, think he is a liar, a conman, a racist, a narcissist, an “American Hitler or Mussolini” dangerous to our country's well-being, when you open the card and the sound vibrates, you will think it sounds like a big long reverberating fart and exclaim that is what he is to you… a big fat fart.

If you love Trump, support him, like that he gets angry because you too are angry, and love it that he says it like he sees it, when you open this card, the sound to you will remind you of celebratory fireworks and you will with lots of spunk say, “Yes, we can gloat that he won. So there!” And the sound reverberates loudly as you cheer.

Love him or hate him, this card will create quite a buzz as you laugh and carry on with your friends, family, and colleagues. Rewind, reverberate; rewind, reverberate; rewind, reverberate—until everyone is in on this silly surprise.

Let people know this is what you really think of this man!

Do want a Three-Pack or a Ten-Pack so you can really spread the fun around your family, friends, and colleagues. (It is a real attention-getter.)

Click here for the Three-Pack.

Click here for the Ten-Pack.

Call 541-347-9882 for larger quantity discounts.

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