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Robert D. Reed Publishers News — Attention Deficit Disorder

Sale on eBooks Starts on 11/11

Cleone Reed ADD Attention Deficit Disorder Autism Recovery Autism Recovery Skills and Drills Barry Goldstein Consensual Consequences Domestic Violence Elizabeth Scott Lynn Gilmore Lynne Gillis Mark Steinberg Noblitt Ritual Abuse Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-First Century Siegfried Othmer The Quincy Solution

Sale on eBooks Starts on 11/11

Life can be challenging if you have any of these issues covered in these books going on sale as eBooks on Amazon from November 11 to November 18. Mark your calendars. Domestic Violence (The Quincy Solution) Ritual Abuse (Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-First Century) Trying to live a normal life while on the Sex Offender List (Consensual Consequences) ADD: Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD: The 20-Hour Solution) Autism (Autism Recovery Manual of Skills and Drills)

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