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Will You Write a Review?

Cleone Reed

E Dee Merriken Monnen wrote the book, Under the REDBUD TREE, and in the spirit of the message in her book, I am envisioning an explosion of reviews. 

The novel Under the REDBUD TREE is a metaphor for being under the grace of God. The story has been well received, and the back of the book has a biblical study guide. For Christians wanting to gently introduce non-believers to Jesus and to give them hope for redemption, this book is a great teaching primer. See the author’s website: to learn more about this accomplished writer.

One person wrote this on Amazon. 

Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2024

"The characters are engaging and well-drawn. A sweet picture of a small-town family with just enough drama to keep it interesting. 
"Like a visit to a well-loved small town, full of interesting and engaging people with various trials and tribulations. I recommend this delightful book."                                        

You can buy this delightful book in any one of these three ways:

1. on the author's website: 

2. on the publisher's website:

3. on Amazon where you can then write a review!! (

When you go to Amazon to buy the book, you can get it in three different ways:

1. As a Kindle eBook:

2. As an audio book if you like to listen rather than read: https:

3. As a print-on-demand paperback book:

THANK YOU for helping boost the readership of this delightful book.






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