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Cleone Reed


SEDITION RISING is a book to read before the 2024 Presidential election
Author Tom Wilmas asks an important and timely question,
"Can Democracy withstand the radicalized politics of populism
And the far Right's distorted view of Evangelicalism?"

Tom has a shadowy background, to say the least,
But he is no longer a deviant alcoholic, gun-carrying beast.
He did some terrible things as a young man, everyone would agree.
But in prison, he has turned himself around to an impressive degree.

Transformation could be his middle name.
Because of it, his book deserves notoriety and fame.
He has had a positive influence in so many ways over the years
Learning about him, one could shed admiring happy tears. 

His spirituality has fed his psyche to be a man to admire.
Learning about him and his good deeds, I never tire.
He started a program to train dogs for people with special needs.
Prisoners benefited big time as it planted nurturing seeds.

He even had an influence to have the prison guards get raises.
One would think that earned him gratuitous praises.
He is the creator of The Amethyst Scholarship Fund to raise money
For college-bound orphans who need a lot more than just honey.

Their parents were killed or disabled as a result of violent crimes
By men who are now in prison doing many years of time
It is very difficult for a child to have a parent die,
But their grief is compounded to heights higher than the sky.

How can a child make sense of such a senseless death?
It happened so fast; many couldn't even be there for their last breath.
Imagine if the child actually witnessed the murder of their mom or dad.
It brings out feelings of compassion, oh so very sad.

How many prisoners have their consciousness do a complete turn-around?
Christianity, altruism, meditation, listening to the quiet without a sound,
Tom forgave himself for the many things he did wrong
And now he is praying and singing a whole new song.

His life story could be made into a movie or series for TV.
Millions would clamor to make sure every episode they'd see.
Riveting, unfortunately violent, it would have to be.
But violence is what sells, wouldn't you agree?

I know I like happy endings when I see a show, however.
Would I want to see Tom in prison forever?
My goodness, no, I hope he gets released in August this year.
When that happens, many people will shed happy tears.

His sister Theresa and I have communicated by email and text.
We commiserate what the future holds... what's next?
She is such a supportive sister to her brother Tom.
I bet she is also a terrific realtor and nurturing mom.

I showed her a picture of the day I met Bob downtown.
She was surprised that I was dressed as Chloe the Clown.
We are becoming long-distance texting friends, as I see it.
If we ever meet in person, I am sure it will be a hit.

It was so exciting when my order of ten books arrived.
I'm sending it to reviewers, hoping they'll help sales thrive.
Tom created a list of newspaper columnists and television hosts.
Who among all we are approaching will help us the most?

I wonder if I will ever meet Tom in person someday.
Could I count the minutes we've spent on the phone? No way.
He has to pay five cents a minute every time he talks to me.
I wish we could Facetime so each other's faces we could see.

One of the biggest dreams I have for Tom to end this rhyme
Is for Rachel Maddow and the NY Times to promote it big time.
Of all the books I have published since Bob died three years ago
This is the one he would be the most proud of, I just know.

Happy happy happy talk.
Talk about things you like to do.
You've got to have a dream,
If you don't have a dream,
How you gonna make a dream come true?

 (Song from South Pacific, the first movie I ever saw. I was 14.)

                                       ~ Cleone L. Reed, MSE

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