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8 Ways to Profit from being an Author

Cleone Reed Cleone Reed Make money as an author Robert D. Reed Publishers Ways to Profit from being an Author

What can an author do to make money after publishing his or her book? 

1. Royalties are paid according to book sales. Promote like crazy.

2. Do speaking engagements. Oftentimes, people want to take a bit of you home with them, and your book is the way they do that. Authors with a platform have a ready-made market for their book(s).

3. Coaching. You can do that online these days, over the phone, or of course in person. You can even coach someone in another country using Skype... with no overhead. How wonderful is that?

4. Create an online course that is a spin-off of your book.

5. International Royalties: that is a real bonus when that happens. We are very blessed to live in a little Pacific coastal town of only 3000 people and have a Foreign Rights Agent living here who represents us and has sold several titles.

6. Create an Ap. In our modern tech world with everyone carrying around a smart phone or pad of some sort, creating an Ap is one way to keep your name and product in front of everyone.

7. Write articles and submit them to relevant publications in your field. Even if you don't get paid for them, your byline will include your name, book title, and website.

8. If you have a book that in any way can be turned into a movie or have substance to get into a television show, pursue that with full gusto.

9. Affiliate commissions: Create a workshop from your book and license other presenters to present the workshop for a fee. Refer people to your affiliates on a commission basis. Of course every presenter will have to sell books to all their workshop attendees, so you make money on the book sale AND money on the workshop commission.

What other ways do authors make money?  Please respond to this blog and tell me what I missed.

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