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So Much More to Learn about Joyce Harvey

Robert or Cleone Reed

When Joyce Harvey submitted her proposal for us to publish her book,  
I jumped on it immediately. And am I ever glad I did. What a moving account of a mother's grief having only one daughter, one who committed suicide while serving in the military. I have only one child, a son who is about to turn 50, and one grandson, who is soon to turn 10, and the thought of losing either of them is totally beyond my comprehension.

Now months later, she is interviewed by Mark Schultz, Word Refiner, and I am absolutely blown away by how much I learned reading this interview. I am overflowing with gratitude that we at Robert D. Reed Publishers had the honor of publishing her book. 


If you didn't click on that link and read all about her, please go back and do so now!! Joyce Harvey is one very inspiring woman. 

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