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A Most Delightful Conversation

Cleone Reed

Dr. Richard Silvestri, author of FROM MISERY TO MASTERY: A Revolutionary New Treatment for Anxiety and Depression called me today, and we had a most delightful conversation. Well, talking about my grief over losing my husband wasn't actually "delightful," but I felt very cared for and listened to. We talked about depression and anger both being normal emotions during the grief process, and I certainly can vouch for that!

What was absolutely delightful, though, was learning about how when this COVID nightmare eases up a bit and our mobility is once again restored, Dr. Silvestri will be on the road promoting his book and being there for people as they ask questions. On the road and ON THE WATER!! How I want to go on a cruise again, and to be on a cruise with Dr. Silvestri doing talks about his book... well, that is a dream worth hanging on to.



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