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Millennials and Baby Boomers and other time-period labels

Cleone Reed

 Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2004) and Baby Boomers (1946 – 1964) are just two labels defining us by the year we were born. I have always considered myself a Baby Boomer even though I was born ten weeks too early to qualify. I was born on United Nations' Day, the very morning the United Nation's Charter was signed, October 24, 1945.

Technically, I was born in the "Silent generation (1928 – 1945), a generation where people were taught to be quiet. YES, I consider myself a baby boomer and it is hard to keep me quiet, even though as a child I was told to not ask questions, to just believe as I was told. I am a product of the Silent Generation, but I don't relate to it. 

So today, I took a 14-question test on the Internet to see how "Millennial" I am at age 70 and scored a 57.  How am I like the people in my nieces' and nephews' generation? I text. I have lots of electronic gadgets. I have 372 friends on Facebook (do I really???) in several states and several countries (Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chili, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Guam (formerly Italy), Japan); and I communicate with people in England, the Cook Islands, and Egypt. Like Millennials, I love to travel. My husband and I have been to Singapore, Bali, 21 countries in Europe, one in Africa, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Chili, several islands in the Caribbean, Costa Rica, several ports in Mexico, Canada (Eastern and Western), and several states. 

Our most recent trip, I went zip lining on 27 zip lines over 11 waterfalls, rappelled down two bluffs, walked on a narrow suspension bridge, and swam in a cold waterfall pool with six other seniors. After hanging out with seniors for 14 days, my husband and I went to an all-inclusive for four nights; and if one percent of the people were older that us, I didn't see them. We became friends with three couples, one Baby Boomers and the other two couples, Millennials; and I am now friends on Facebook with all three couples! 

Yes, my husband and I are seniors, and many of our authors are seniors. But we aren't "typical seniors," whatever typical is.  People don't think I am 70. I don't think I am either! I don't look it; I don't act it, whatever acting it is supposed to be. We have a lot of "Millennial energy, interests, and gadgets!" But today, I became aware that to my awareness we have few (if any) authors who are Millennials. We have several who are in Generation X (1965 – 1980), several Baby Boomer authors, and some Silent Generation authors (who are NOT silent)!! 

But we do have books for all generations, from Children's books up to books for people striving for career success to books to help prepare for their later years. And of course people buy books as gifts, and our books are great for Millennials to give as gifts to their Baby Boomer parents and Silent Generation grandparents!!

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