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The Great Noontide by Robert D. Sawyer

Cleone Reed

One of my greatest pleasures in life is having a happy author. I visited Bob Sawyer today; he is now 94, and he is very proud of his book, as he rightly should be.
I delivered a full-page color photo of the front-cover image, "Magic of Old Prague" by Slava Posudevsky for him to frame. To think that when we contacted Slava in 2013, he gave us permission to use this lovely painting on the cover, free of charge, and we are all forever grateful. 
Life is full of synchronicity. Just after we got this book printed, a dear friend from Lubeck, Germany, was visiting us; and she brought with her a photo album, and what was in that album?? A photo of her standing on this bridge in this painting, only the photo was a few decades old. 
Usually, authors come to us through the Internet, but Bob just happens to be someone who lives half a mile from us and we have known him for years through church. When we got married nine years ago, we had a talent show after our wedding, and Bob sang, "It had to be you." This was three days before his 85th birthday. 
My sincere wish for Bob is that he could see a boost in sales of his wonderful book that would surprise and delight him beyond words. 
A great gift for Christmas, buy this for anyone who loves biographical fiction, this one set in Europe during the "flamboyant '20's and '30's.
THE GREAT NOONTIDE, a Novel by Robert D. Sawyer, ISBN: 978-1-934759-89-9 is available in soft cover (321 pages, 6 x 9) and as a Kindle eBook on Amazon.

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