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The Great Noontide  by Robert D. Sawyer

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The Great Noontide by Robert D. Sawyer

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History chronicles both the achievements and exploitation of Czechoslovakia in the mid-20th century. This small country in the heart of Europe gave birth to a democracy and lost it in a few short years to two occupying enemies; first the Germans and then the Russians. 

Like his native land, Myrec Lesovski resisted the heels of the conquerors in his own unique way in order to survive. He lives out a fantasy life in Prague and in the other capitals of Europe during the flamboyant ‘20s and ‘30s. Beautiful models, fast cars, rich living and a string of race horses contrast with his life as a political prisoner in the deadly uranium mines. 

Searching for the love that eluded him as a child, the Bohemian aristocrat attempts to find it in the arms of every woman he meets. The story concerns his search for love, for his lost son, for freedom, and for his own identity. The story is both harsh and delicate, and maintains a sensitive insight into the deepest feelings of a man. The characters are all barometers of their time, struggling against oppression, both political and self-induced. 

The Great Noontide is the brightness of sun at its zenith, that perfect moment in time and history that illuminates the earth and all mankind. Myrec Lesovski discovers that his true Noontide is the finding of himself. 

While this 90-year old youngster has had a long and varied life as an educator, artist, and antiques specialist, Bob Sawyer, Renaissance Man, has long had a dream—to write a historical novel. 
Upon reaching his 90th, he became aware that he hadn’t yet realized that dream. Upon opening his dresser drawer he noticed his years-long effort, a finished novel about the unusual, fascinating, and dramatic life of a Czech friend, titled The Great Noontide
Upon reflection, Bob realized there was room for improvement. That improvement came about with the help of several very capable friends and Bob, himself, did not flinch from criticism. 
Finally, his friends agreed, here was a novel worth printing! 
After this potential best-seller, the author has now embarked upon a new book, the story of his pioneer grandfather. After that, who knows? 


The Magic of Old Prague by Slava Posudevsky,

ISBN: 978-1-934759-89-9

6 x 9 soft-cover, 321 pages, $19.99

eBook: $6.99

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