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SET YOURSELF FREE book sale countdown

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The Kindle version of SET YOURSELF FREE goes on sale for a few days starting June 18. A great time to get this book if you haven't already! And tell your friends! 

Here is a poem I wrote some time ago (I just rediscovered) in response to this book, SET YOURSELF FREE by Jean Walters:


Lately I have been full of anger and hate.
I’m not easy to live with, my poor mate.
But after reading Jean Walter’s book, Set Yourself Free,
I found forgiving of myself is what I wanted to be.                                       

I want to love myself regardless of my thoughts.
I don’t want to subscribe to any should's and ought’s.
“Feelings are neither right nor wrong. They just are.”
That is a saying that in my mind goes really far.

I have a right to feel and think as I do.
And negative thoughts I have more than a few.
I forgive myself and know I am okay.
There is no benefit in making a fray.

I have a right to all of my feelings, you see.
And I can give myself license to be free.
I now go forward merrily on my way.
I forgive myself knowing I am okay.

As I read and share (parts of) this poem from my past, I feel vulnerable, exposed, yet fully human. Haven't we all struggled with negative feelings in our soul, with issues with other people, and then gotten down on ourselves for not always feeling loving and accepting?

The pure irony of my situation where I experienced anger and hate was that allowing myself to feel these negative feelings actually did set my soul free to then actually feel acceptance and love. We can't change other people – only ourselves. The Course of Miracles says there are really only two feelings: LOVE and FEAR. So it really wasn't anger and hate I was feeling as much as fear, and once I identified the fear, I felt free to feel love once again. I SET MYSELF FREE! 

Thank you Jean Walters for your wise words of wisdom in your book, SET YOURSELF FREE.  I feel like the birds on the cover of your book, flying free.

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