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Our Most Prolific Author

Robert or Cleone Reed

Garry J. Peterson, what a prolific multi-faceted author!

First a business book, Who Put Me In Charge? Getting to the Next Level.

Then the first three of a five-book series, Stargate Earth, of  hard science fiction books.

And now an erotic romance novel about five successful savvy businesswomen in San Francisco, interacting with SHARKS, i.e., men "behaving badly." 

An article was just published about Garry in a Florida newspaper, "Flagler News Weekly." See

And his cover artist is phenomenal. She received an image from Garry and turned around and in less than an hour created this to promote his Stargate Earth Series.   

If we ever have a movie made in response to one of our books, I think Garry J. Peterson is the one to get us on the red carpet in Hollywood! What will it be? Science Fiction or Erotica or both?

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