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Review of ReInhabiting the Village

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A century ago, we saw the climate change, fresh water supplies, and other resources depleted. The good news: poverty is on the decline and life expectancies are up. Though these are gains–better health, longer life, and prosperity of our growing population–they all could be gone very quickly, if we are not careful about how we treat the environment and use resources to sustain long, healthy life on the planet.

As frightening as life sometimes seems, ReInhabiting the Village offers hope. The driving idea behind the book is to show how we can heal the planet through working together in eco-friendly villages. Hearing the word village may sound stone age-ish, and seem as though the authors are trying to take us back to a time that had its own host of problems for survival–a time some people wish not to return.

On the contrary, Jamaica Stevens and the 62 contributing authors in this book demonstrate how we incorporate some of the old with the new to create a better future for all people. The book focuses on particular aspects such as, “getting down in the dirt” to grow your own food; reducing air pollution to improve diets; and encouraging sustainable practices, thus making communities good and safe for both the environment and human health.

ReInhabiting the Village is definitely a must read. I believe you’ll enjoy the book, and in the end, you’ll grasp the concept of organic living in all its forms and start to make it your way of life and contribution to saving the Earth.

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