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A Prodigy Who Once Had Autism Is Now Competing for a $250,000 Scholarship!

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A Remarkable Story of Not Only Recovery but Thriving in Excellence

We published a book seven years ago about a little boy named Roman, Raindrops on Roman: Overcoming Autism: A Message of Hope. Roman had 45 symptoms of autism. Author and mother of Roman, Elizabeth Burton Scott has her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. With her professional skills and her deep devotion as a mother, she persevered in leading her son through his early childhood years to recover from all 45 symptoms of autism.

A year later, Lynne Gillis, an Occupational Therapist, joined Elizabeth and together they wrote Autism Recovery Manual of Skills and Drills: A Preschool and Kindergarten Education Program for Parents, Teachers, and Therapists. This book detailed the 78 Skills and Drills Elizabeth used to help Roman recover.

This week, my husband and I got an update from Elizabeth by email that blew us away! Many people have a hard time believing this boy once was considered autistic. Here is what she had to say: 

“Roman is now in 9th grade and is still doing wonderfully.  Here is the link to the Khan Academy Junior Breakthrough Challenge that Roman is competing in: Breakthrough Junior Challenge: The Theory of Everything

 “This is a competition for students all over the world (100 different countries) from ages 13–18 for a $250,000-dollar scholarship. Students have to create a 5-minute video explaining a theory or concept in the areas of science, physics, or math.  

“We will soon find out who made it into the finals.  He only had 2 weeks to complete the entire video.  This is a long shot but he really wanted to do it.  

 “It proves all the more that recovery is possible.  Roman is a 4.0 student and is doing superb work in school.  His teachers are amazed that he is so smart and couldn't believe he put together this video. 

“He literally downloaded 5 different video animation and simulation programs and taught himself how to do them all in order to be able to use them in his video.  He knew that if he had any chance of winning, he had to try and outperform all of the other videos that were submitted.  

“It is going to be extremely difficult as the voting is subjective, but I believe he has a chance.  He was up every night for 2 weeks until 12:00 working on it after completing his homework. He also used the song he composed called "Legacy" for the final music in the video.  The title of his CD is called "Legacy," which he dedicated to his late grandfather for the legacy that he left behind called the Ron Burton Training Village.  

“Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm towards Roman's endeavors.”

THANK YOU, Elizabeth, for this awesome progress report.

I remember when Elizabeth sent this link two years. It was published on Nov 10, 2013. After only 7 months of playing the piano, 12-year-old boy plays Sergei Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody a Theme of Paganini Opus 43 18th Variation.

And now I just discovered this link: Published on Dec 18, 2015, Roman Scott plays a rendition of Christmas Canon and Canon in D. 

It is hard to believe he was once years ago on the autism spectrum with 45 symptoms, a boy who now has his own YouTube channel. I believe this is a boy we must watch as he grows into further greatness as an adult. I feel like a long-distance grandma to a boy I have never met... yet!

Will he win the $250,000 scholarship with his video, The Theory of Everything? I think he stands a very good chance.



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  • melvin on

    Roman that which before , that which is behind you can"t even be compared to what God has put within you. You is going to do just find.

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