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Our Wonderful Author, Marsha Barth

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Marsha Barth, one of our wonderful authors, who wrote The Shattering II: Breaking the Silence, is really out there working to make this a better world. I got this update from her via email recently:

"We hadn't touched base for a while, so I thought I'd drop you a line. Please thank Bob very much for sending me the info on the book review. I truly appreciate it. I just got back from Hawaii and am trying to catch up with everything. I know you follow me on Facebook, but just thought I'd give you an update. Spring was really busy for me with the speaking and the book being released, and Summer seemed to stay pretty active also. I  joined in a retreat and sold some books in May, visited prisons in Virginia in June, had a book signing  and radio interview in NJ in July. I sold some books in WV at our class reunion—was funny—my English teacher purchased some in August. I did a retreat in early September and then prepared for Hawaii. Many doors opened in Hawaii. I spoke at the Aloha House, which is a co-ed addictions recovery. Then the following week, I spoke 2 different days at the Maui Correctional Facility to 5 groups—men and women. The next week, I spoke at the Malama Family Recovery, which helps families recovering from addiction. The next day, had a nice book signing at the only book store on the island, Barnes and Noble. They are so very nice at this Barnes and Noble. They had no trouble getting the book; my sincere thanks to you and Bob for such a great job of distribution. Barnes and Noble was so supportive that the crm decided to have a book fair in support of what I was doing. The way it works is that they assign a code # and anyone who uses this code # on anything purchased across the whole U.S. for a whole week, 15% was donated to the charity that I chose. I chose the Malama Center. I have not heard the final #'s but I was very excited to be a part of this. Barnes and Noble really went out of their way in welcoming and supporting me. The last event, which was a new one for me, was I was invited to speak at the University of Hawaii on Maui. I spoke on "Domestic Violence's Impact on the Child". It was a full four weeks and busy, but enjoyable.  We got home late Saturday and I've been at the prison here twice this week.

"Just wanted to touch base and update you. Hope you are well. Do keep in touch. 🙂
"Kindest regards~~
NOW THAT IS AN UPDATE! Thank you Marsha for all the great work you do. We are very proud to have published your book.

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