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"Nofanity" app by Roman Scott

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Roman of Raindrops on Roman is now 16 years old and on the road to fame! Roman's mother Elizabeth Scott just wrote this to us in an email: 
Last week Roman released a new app called "Nofanity," (No profanity). This app removes curse words from most youtube videos. Below is the link to the story that CBS News in Dallas did on Friday. 
He calls his app the Curse Search.

'I Want To Help, Not Hurt People': Teen Builds App To Filter Out Profanity On YouTube

Such a remarkable teenager. No one would ever guess that he once upon a time had autism. His mother worked with him intensely and he overcame every one of the markers on the autism spectrum. We are very proud to have published these two books, which are on sale. Buy the bundle by clicking here!

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