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Dan Martin's Review of Samra's New Book

Cleone Reed Cal Samra Dan Martin In Pursuit of Health and Longevity Review of Samra's book The Joyful Noiseletter

Seldom do I read a review and laugh out loud, but this writer, Dan Martin, is an absolutely outstanding reviewer!! Read this:

A review copy of Cal Samra’s new book, In Pursuit of Health and Longevity

 "I’ve read a thousand diet books and none of them were any fun. However, Cal Samra’s new book, In Pursuit of Health and Longevity, is a joy.

              "Consider: Samra says that Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life, was raised on the Mediterranean Diet, even though that diet frowns upon such high-carb foods as pasta – and bread.

              "The diet does permit red wine, in moderation. Jesus showed up at a wedding feast in Cana with 120 gallons.

             "And, Samra points to the simplicity of Jesus’ time when people traveled mainly by walking, an exercise strongly favored by the Mediterranean Diet.  Jesus did a lot of it, Samra says, most of it without getting his feet wet.

              "Samra is a former Associated Press reporter and newspaper journalist who, for the last 34 years, has been the editor of a national humor newsletter called The Joyful Noiseletter. If your pastor or priest has cracked a joke from the pulpit, he probably got the joke from Cal.

              "But Samra’s new book is not a joke. He believes strongly that the best way to a healthy soul is to have a healthy body, and he has brought together testimonials from a Who’s Who list of famous people that have linked long life to good health.

  • "John Harvey Kellogg, the creator of corn flakes, promoted a natural vegetarian diet with regular exercise. He served flaked corn at the world-famous Battle Creek Sanitarium which, for decades, attracted thousands of people seeking health and healing.
  • "Harriet Beecher Stowe, famed for her book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, campaigned passionately and humorously for good health and good nutrition. She also was a fresh-air enthusiast who argued that churches and vestries should be better ventilated to get rid of foul air that caused congregations “to tear their hair because they feel stupid and sleep in church.”
  • "Benjamin Franklin, who when not helping to create the United States, published Poor Richard’s Almanac, in which he proclaimed: “Eat to live, and not live to eat. To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals.”

              "You get the idea. Samra doesn’t “preach” a proper diet, exercise, and good living. He lets about 50 other people do it for him by using them as examples of how a proper diet and attitude makes you live longer and happier. It is a good read, a fun read. Take a bite. You’ll enjoy it."

Dan A. Martin is a retired Gannett editor and publisher "who wishes he were at the wedding in Cana."

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