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Humor and Wisdom for Everyone

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Marketing our newest book, The Physically Fit Messiah: Wellness Wisdom PAST and PRESENT, by Cal Samra has been the focus of our time lately. It will officially be released in March, and we are offering potential reviewers an advance copy. Communicating with the author is always a good experience; he is an absolute gem, full of good humor and cheer. Yesterday, he wrote the following email to me:

 “Some humor from the Arctic to start your day.

“Yesterday I sold three books.  The first was to a friend who is Jewish and regularly attends a synagogue. His comment: ‘Anyone who can sell a Christian book to a Jew has to be a heck of a salesman! But that's a picture of my brother on the cover.’

 “Then I sold a copy to the sales manager of an auto dealership, who has been struggling with a weight problem. He's a Catholic. I said to him, ‘Would you pay $15 for a book that would help you lose weight and avoid Alzheimer's?’ 

“He said he would pay $50 for such a book, and raved about the cover.

 “I also sold a book to an accountant, a Dutch Reformed gentleman.  He read it immediately, said it was ‘great’ and thought it would sell very well once we got it into the bookstores.”

 Way to go Cal Samra! A Jewish man, a Catholic, and a Dutch Reformed man… yes, this is a book for everyone. Yes, there is an illustration of the laughing Jesus on the front cover, and yes, it is a book with lots of Christianity in it, but wellness is for everyone. And lessons from sages throughout the ages are constant in what constitutes wellness. And for those in our modern age who have lost sight of so much of what is truly good for us, this book nails it on the head. Cal Samra says it like he sees it, and it is time we all take heed.

 And going along with Cal’s email, the book has a cartoon in every chapter, chapters on humor, and a chapter of jokes! Yes, brevity is part of wellness!! Like Cal, an author from Michigan, feeling like he is living in the Arctic! Brrrr, it must be cold in Michigan in January. Time to curl up with a good book… like The Physically Fit Messiah!

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