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What a wonderful review of one of our books, MIRACLES ARE MADE: A Real-Life Guide to Autism by Lynette Louise. The review was written by Sezoni Whitfield of Writer's Kaboodle. THANK YOU Sezoni Whitfield! Here is the review:

"The story comes at us with charm and sophistication in an open, honest discussion in a real-life guide to autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Lynette describes this complex neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired reciprocal social interaction and impaired communication offering real solutions.

"The author presents a well-informed illustration of behaviorally defined disorders associated with characteristic cognitive, language, and behavior features of ASD. As a health professional, Lynette brings into focus the intense interest surrounding related conditions in the autism spectrum such as the increase in the number of children with the neurodevelopmental disorders. She is highly qualified and has the cojones to speak her mind about what works and what doesn't with little to no pushback. She's well versed in pediatrics with a contemporary understanding of autism, including definitions, formal diagnostic approaches, medical evaluations, treatments, controversies, and caregiver support.
Like most readers, I was impressed at Lynette's many years of experience as a mother of children with ASD and her talks of raising eight amazing kids. She found treatments for four of her children who have varying degrees of ASD that continue to work and shared her findings with parents of children with autism around the world.
"Motherhood requires a special talent, and the magic Lynette has created in Miracles Are Made is something to talk about after reading her compelling story. Caregivers will love that the book offers real promise for successful treatment without any false claims of "magical cures" that lead to hopelessness. My brains are still ebbing and flowing after this read. I highly recommend this gem!"

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