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SHOP NOW for Christmas!!

Cleone Reed

Oops! I missed Christmas in July! Let's try AUGUST! 
How dependent we are on our computers and everything working as expected!! In July, I wanted to promote this awesome book and the month just snuck by me. 

Not only do I love the story, but the 33 accompanying  portraits painted by the author are exemplary. The book measures 8.5 x 8.5 inches, is in full color, and tells the story of Santa Claus like nowhere else. 

Did you know there are two towns called Santa Claus and a town in Alaska called North Pole? And how many Christmas shops are there in the world? Lots. But you can order your copy right here! Or go to Amazon and buy it there.

Nikkolas: The Story of Santa Claus

And if you want to buy several copies of this book and give it away to all your friends and family for Christmas OR if you want to buy this book in bulk for reselling it in your store, contact me for QUANTITY DISCOUNTS!! Call 541-999-6125 or write to me at and we together will create a real win-win.


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