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MORE OF HISTORY'S WORST: 2000 Years of Idiocy from Nero to Trump

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For a really fun read as well as educational... even for people who are not history buffs, this is a fabulous book: MORE OF HISTORY'S WORST. It has two sections on Trump, hence the  subtitle, 2000 Years of Idiocy from Nero to Trump

I loved working on this book, designing the cover, formatting the interior... the works. Adam Powell teaches history to people on Zoom these days during the Covid-19 virus outbreak to students in several countries.

As this book covers history from so many time periods and so many parts of the world, I anticipate there will be world-wide appeal! 



As you can see by this
Table of Contents,

Adam Powell covers
a lot of topics:

Mad, Bad, and
Dangerous to Know

Incompetence beyond
the Call of Duty

The Things People Say

Myths and Everyday Idiocy


85 IMAGES, from

King John, (r. 1189 –1216), one of History's Worst Kings 


Tycho Brahe, Danish Astronomer (1546 – 1601) who being "polite" held in his pee and burst his bladder and died!


Charles II of Spain (r. 1665 – 1700), deformed and an imbecile as a result of so many relatives marrying each other...

to our current POTUS!

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