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Love this 89-year-old priest

Cleone Reed

Our author, Father Harry J. Bury, has to be one of the most delightful wonderful men I have ever met in person, and now this interview:

A priest starts out the video with these words: "It was the cleanest jail I was ever in, in Alexandria, VA." Yes, this priest has been in jail more than once, had a hood placed over his head and led to a jail, and so many other stories that are just not typical stories you hear from a catholic priest.

I feel so honored to have a personal relationship with this man. I wrote an email to him recently about not liking a certain person, and he wrote back this statement: "We love everyone, but some people are not attractive companions. God didn't intend for us to like everyone for then there would not be time for deep friendships." What a way to understand human relationships. The contrast of not liking some people and then really liking others and forming deep personal friendships..." 

Father Harry J Bury is a person with whom I can feel free to be so honest because he is so honest and open to the human condition, to standing up for what he believes is right, and I could go on and on. 

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