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Happy Birthday to Author Grace Scott

Cleone Reed How to Evolve During the Trum Experience Let There Be Light Scott Grace Surviving Trump Teach Me How to Love

This is a day to celebrate Scott Grace, author of How to Evolve During the Trump Experience Whether Humanity Joins You or Not. 

Happy Birthday to a very dynamic author who is out there with his improvisational skills, his creativity, and his quest to make this planet a better place. I love his book and its perspective on accepting what is and looking forward to the future with optimism, something I personally don't believe comes to us naturally these days. But Scott somehow seems to waltz through life with joy in his heart. 

He gave me a CD when we met in person last fall, and the first two songs capture my heart. I listen to them over and over again on my way to the swimming pool many days (I swim 5 or 6 days a week). One of them is called TEACH ME HOW TO LOVE.  And the one I love the most is LET THERE BE LIGHT. I sing that one over and over again, playing with my voice trying to sing soprano and alto and whatever else I am doing. Who knows? I am in the privacy of my car belting out what feels good.

So I hope today Scott is celebrating his birthday with as much joy as he spreads to everyone else. Happy Birthday Scott.

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