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Delightful meeting Steven Salmon Again

Cleone Reed

While in Wisconsin, I met our author Steven Salmon at the concert on the Square in Madison, WI. He introduced me to two friends, also disabled, who aspire to be authors too. Steven's positivity and joy in life continue to impress and inspire me. He is a most delightful man, intelligent and resourceful beyond what one may expect given his disabilities. 



Last May I wrote a blog post about Steven Salmon's frustrations with the system. Again, I get an email from him wanting the world to know what a no-win situation he is in because of the laws for the disabled. He writes: 

"A year ago this week my former roommate passed away, August 1st.  My current roommate will die in a year or two.  I have to live with a person, who believes that she has AIDS and we are “married.” I saw my former IRIS consultant at the Disability Pride Festival. She saw me signed up for my own apartment and said, “You can’t afford that.” I asked the person if there was any assistance to afford it. Her answer was a voucher.  So, I signed up.  My former consultant reminded me that IRIS is a self-directed program.  She thinks that I can’t self-direct anything.  An author self-directs all of the time.  She reminded me that the government is cutting more funding for long-term care.  This is why I eliminated my counselor and reduced my broker’s visits to once every two mounts.  That’s self-directed.  Like picking up Thai take-out on Sunday because I wanted to.  I do things on my own and sometimes I sacrifice stuff because the government doesn’t care.  I’m just another cow living in a group home costing the State money.  This “cow” will be a New York author with a girlfriend.  The day of my funeral friends will fill the building unlike some people with disabilities.  That’s way off in the future.  There are dreams to come true.  Books to publish, plays to produce, places to travel to, and of course women.  Cerebral palsy doesn’t define me.  I’m going to make money and do what I want like disabled advocates do.  Life is short.  When it’s over, it’s over.  The government can shove it and Trump! Steve"


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