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Achieving Our Untapped Potential

Cleone Reed Changing Lives Michael Giudicissi Motivational Speaker Triathalon Untapped Potential

One of our authors, Michael Giudicissi, wrote a book called Changing Lives, Achieving Your Untapped Potential and gives seminars to inspire us to do the same. 

As you can see on his flier, his own transformation in life is nothing short of amazing. 

When I look at the results of our election, the one thing that I can say about Donald Trump is that he achieved what appeared to be a joke, an impossibility. Whether you look at him as a positive or negative role model, we have to give it to him that he got what he went after.

But in Michel Giudicissi, I don't think there would be any controversy whatsoever that he is a role model for all of us to highly respect and admire. He can inspire and motivate us to achieve our untapped potential. We are very proud to have him as our author and would highly recommend him to be a motivational speaker at your event.

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