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Abuse is Not an Option

Robert or Cleone Reed

Today we received the shipment of a case of over 100 books titled Domestic Violence: Tragedy and Hope by Frances T. Pilch. I am so very pleased with this book. An artist named Jane Sterrett created the front-cover art. Fran Pilch had six other contributors write a chapter or two or three in this very important book. Statistics on domestic violence in our culture are staggering.

There are a few quotes in the book between chapters, and my favorite one is by Maya Angelou. she says, "Each time a woman stands up for herself without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women."

Well, I stood up!! I wrote a chapter in this book called, "From Your Publisher's Editor" followed by a two-page poem called,  "Abuse is Not an Option."

Yes, I was abused in a former marriage (Note: NOT the father of my son, but my second husband), so I resonated with every page of this book. I know what it is like to be abused, to heal, to transform my consciousness, and to manifest the most wonderful husband a woman could ever have, or dream of having. I am now very blessed to be married to the owner of Robert D. Reed Publishers.

For the first 33 people who read this blog and then orders this book through our website, I will send you a second book FREE to give to an abuse shelter or someone you know who could really benefit from this book. Yes, you order one book and I will pack two books and get it right out in the mail to you. Just write the words "read your blog post" on your order.

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