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A Friend Reviews Some of Our Favorite Books

Robert or Cleone Reed

My friend Lane Sharkey, who doesn't "do internet" read a few of our books and handed me some hand-written reviews. 1. Hobo Sapien by Wayne Iverson, 2. Raindrops on Roman by Elizabeth Scott, 3. My Dyslexic Life by Scott Douthit, and 4. A Kid's Herb Book by Lesley Tierra.

REVIEWS by Lane Sharkey:

 "Hobo Sapien by Wayne Iverson: What a delightful read this little book was. The title really says it all. A spiritual hobo—who would have thought... I had fun reading Hobo Sapien and learned a few things along the way, as well."

 "Raindrops on Roman by Elizabeth Scott: Growing up in the '60's, I thought that every family had a little brother who banged his head on the wall and had a permanent goose egg on his forehead. No one heard of autism. This book shows compassion and understanding as well as one woman's path for healing her son. A must-read for all who deal with or are affected by autism."

 "My Dyslexic Life by Scott Douthit by Scott Douthit: I grew up dyslexic in the '60's and like Scott, suffered for many years thinking I was stupid or retarded. I also was bullied, laughed at, and embarrassed on a daily basis. I was in my mid-thirties when I realized what dyslexia was, and that I had it! My Dyslexic Life was a comfort to me and should prove so to other dyslexics as well. Highly recommended.

A Kid’s Herb Book "A Kid's Herb Book by Lesley Tierra:Just as the title suggests, this book is perfect for aspiring herbalists of any age as well as old veterans as myself. I planted my first crop (radishes) when I was four and I have never looked back. I have been an herbalist going on fifty years now,and am proud to add this book to my bookshelf. I highly recommend this book to students, teachers, parents, and anyone with a thirst for knowledge of our natural world. Just delightful!"

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