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Would it do any good?

Cleone Reed Bridge of Spies Col. Rudolf Abel Holley Kelley Mark Rylance Not my circus; not my monkey Sunrises and Sunsets The futility of worry Tom Hanks Worries Worry Would it do any good?

Worry can come naturally when we care about someone. In Holley Kelley's book, Sunrises and Sunsets, one of her workbook pages asks, "What are your top three worries?" "What, if anything, could be done to alleviate these worries?" "Are these worries affecting your quality of living today?" "How so?" 

It was easy for me to come up with my top three worries. They live like a shroud of mist over my being and elicit pop sayings like, "Not my circus; not my monkey" or "Detach with love" when my worries are about people I love going through tough times or making decisions that are challenging for me to not judge or run interference.

Yesterday, my husband and I saw the movie, Bridge of Spies, starring Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance. Repeatedly Attorney James Donovan (Hanks) asked Russian Spy Col. Rudolf Abel (Rylance) if he was worried. Each time, Abel so calmly replied, "Would it do any good?" I think this will now be the movie quote of all time for me. Before that, it was, "I will have what she is having" from When Harry Met Sally. It seems everyone knows where that saying came from. Will the quote "Would it do any good?" take on the same fame? I think it might in my consciousness.

This is the first time I have ever been moved to write a blog about a quote from a movie! It isn't because I haven't cognitively thought this before. The futility of worry—would it do any good—of course not; I have always known that. But it was the energy of how Col. Abel said it, the total peace and calm, that now makes those words heard in my heart and soul, not just my head.


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