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International STAND UP to Bullying Day is this Friday!

Cleone Reed February 27 2017 International Anti-bullying Day Nicholas Hill Swimming on the Moon

Be prepared for this Friday, February 27, 2015. It is International STAND UP to Bullying Day. International STAND UP to Bullying Day is a special semi-annual event in which participants sign and wear a pink “pledge shirt” to take a visible, public stance against bullying. The event takes place in schools, workplaces, and organizations in 25 countries across the globe on the third Friday of November to coincide with Anti-bullying week, and then again on the last Friday of February.

Attention all teachers and students, read Swimming on the Moon by Nicholas Hill for International STAND UP to Bullying Day. This is a delightful TRUE story addressing the issue of bullying and all 13 reviews on Amazon are five-star: 

***** Unfortunately, as we all know, children can be cruel.   ***** Great

***** Recommend for School Reading  ***** Couldn't put it down!!

***** Great Book!  ***** Wonderful  story ***** GREAT!! All-Nighter

***** A feel-good story


  ***** Make your teenager read this  ***** Great Book!

***** A real look back in time with real emotion and Compassion! 

***** FANTASTIC  ***** Great book

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  • Bob Reed on

    I am proud to be associated with this book. With all the social media in kids hands, it is easier then ever to bully people. It can also be used to help stop this abuse. Let’s all get with it.

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