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Chapter 15 Changed My Life Forever

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Almost seven years ago, my then fiance and I published a book. In the process, I did a final proof edit and stopped dead in my tracks with Chapter 15. No longer an editor, I was just a woman working her process. I don't have to take this book down off my shelf to remember what it was all about. I have told the story countless times. This is one of the most important books of my life, and I will remember and feel the effects on my life until the day I die. This is what I wrote to Monica, the author, and she asked me if she could use it as a testimonial in her book. You open the cover, and it is the VERY FIRST thing you read:

Just when I thought I was as fulfilled as a woman could be, astutely in touch with my inner voice, I got a jolt from 30 Days to a New You, saying, "Wake up. You have some work to do!"  My life transformed as if a lightning bolt had hit my soul and commanded, "Get beyond your story, woman. You have a Big Picture to live!" What a spiritually and psychologically deep and empowering book!  I absolutely cherish Monica Magnetti. ~ Cleone Lyvonne, Writer/Editor/Cover Designer/Retired Therapist

Here is the rest of the story. I thought Bob and I weren't getting married because he was holding back. Wrong. It was me. It was something in my consciousness! What a revelation! A very short time after I worked Chapter 15, we set our wedding date for September of that very same year. And YES, I am living the BIG PICTURE of marriage to the most awesome man I have ever known

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