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STEVE CHANDLER, a prolific author

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On a plane on the East Coast, I got in a conversation with a man and found myself saying, "You should look up Steve Chandler and his books." He said, "You are the second person to tell me his name, and I will look him up." Sometimes you just know when you find "a fit" and can help someone with his or her goals in life. I had a mini-moment with my fellow passenger, but Steve Chandler's life is all about helping others be more successful, whether in their careers or in their personal lives. And through his career, he has produced a wonderful collection of motivational books.  

Sometimes, though, he is a role model in what I would call his diversionary fun writing, namely his delightful conspiracy with his life-long friend Terrence N. Hill. Both loving to communicate across thousands of miles (how wonderful to be in the cyberspace era!), five times they have chosen a topic and written to each other for a few months or a year and then turned their correspondence into a book. And what a series this is: The TWO GUYS Series. Five great titles await your reading pleasure, and it will be interesting for people who buy the whole bundle if they end up passing the whole bundle to a friend or relative, or if they give Two Guys Read Moby-Dick (their first one) to one person, Two Guys Read the Obituaries to another (I especially love the cover my friend Grant Prescott created for that book!), and so on with Two Guys Read Jane Austen, Two Guys Read the Box Scores, and TWO GUYS ON THE ROAD.

When Two Guys Read the Box Scores came out, my husband Bob (owner of Robert D. Reed Publishers) and I met Steve for lunch in Arizona. We arranged with the staff of the restaurant to join us, and when Steve and his wife Kathy came, we handed him his first copy of the book; and the staff, Bob, and I sang, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Take Me Out to the Crowd..." That was a really fun moment.



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