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Cleone Reed Commitment to parnter Gay Holland Healthy Relationships importance to loyalty integrity in a relationship Robert D. Reed Publishers The Path to Healthy Relationships wedding vows writing your own wedding vows

When my husband and I got married six years ago, we wrote our own vows. Inspired by "My Commitment" by Dr. Michael Ryce, this is how I worded part of my vows to Bob Reed: "My commitment to you today is to love you, to support you and all your needs, and also commit to always act and talk to you and about you in loving and respectful ways, whether in your presence or not. I commit to the value of never having any issue more important than our relationship... I don't know of one word that captures this last...

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About Time for another Horse Movie

Cleone Reed Horse Movies Horse racing Horse Romance Seabiscuit Silver Dreams Sondra Rice Newman

Silver Dreams by Sondra Rice Newman is a wonderful horse romance that should be made into a movie. My first date with my husband eleven years ago was to see the movie, SEABISCUIT. Am I partial to horse movies because of that? People who love horses for sure would love this book, but even though I have never ridden a horse (without being led by a master with a rope), I still loved this book. Maybe it is because with a horse like Silver Dreams, it instills a sense of hope for creatures that don't appear perfect. Available in hard cover...

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Bullying No More

Cleone Reed Anti-bullying month anti-bullying week Empowering our children international anti-bullying day Nicholas Hill Swimming on the Moon The Wimping of Our American Youth Theodore Chandler wimps and bullies

October is anti-bully month, and we have two e-books that are must-reads. One is a fiction story based on the author's journal from when he was in school called SWIMMING ON THE MOON about how he befriended a boy who had developmental disabilities and was bullied. Becoming his advocate and friend — what a heart-warming story by Nicholas Hill!  The other book, written by a PhD level psychologist, Dr. Theodore Chandler is called The Wimping of Our American Youth: How to Empower Our Children Rather than Enabling Them to Be Wimps and Bullies.  This book is a call to action. All Teachers,...

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Buddha's Wife

Cleone Reed Buddha Buddha's Wife Buddhism Buddhism History Enlightenment Gabriel Constans Gotama History of Buddha Rahula Siddhartha Yasadhara

How many people realize that Buddha was married to Yasodhara and they had a son named Rahula? Gabriel Constans has written a novel that would make a wonderful movie. Yasodhara is on her death bed telling through a series of flashbacks her fascinating story of her very short marriage with Buddha, how he left her in the middle of the night on his journey to seek enlightenment, and how this affected their son Rahula. Whether you are a historian, a spiritual seeker, or just someone who loves a good story (based on some truths), this is a really interesting read.

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STEFI: a multi-cultural novel

Cleone Reed hippie character Hundred Foot Journey Jenny Pashcall London journalist Million Dollar Arm movie producer Movie script novel to be made into a movie Romance with a surprise ending Ron Lyon screen writer Stefi travel to India Wizards of Weird

Every time I think about this novel, I envision it on the big movie screen. I love multi-cultural movies, like "The Million Dollar Arm" and "The Hundred Foot Journey" as they showed scenes from India as well as the U.S. and France. STEFI takes place in London and in India; a London journalist with a broken-heart goes on a journey to find herself. It is hilarious, delightful, smart, and has heart. And it has a surprise ending! What more could one ask of a romantic novel? 

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