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Store Manager 2000 Years of Idiocy Adam Powell Avatar Course College Textbook Emotional Intelligence Harry Palmer History History's Worst Hope for Humanity Human Nature in Crisis Love and War Paddy Welles Religious Studies Rudolf Harmsen University Textbook

One of the most intelligent books we have ever published, if not thee most intelligent, is a book called LOVE and WAR. Two professors, Dr. Rudolf Harmsen and Dr. Paddy Welles, combined their professional and personal experience to write a book that I think should be a textbook on every college/university campus in the world. Maybe, just maybe, there could be some hope for this world if the younger generation in many countries grasped the contents of this book and integrated this knowledge. As Harry Palmer, creator of The Avatar Course, says, "When people realize that beliefs are merely art forms...

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No More Writer's Block with Deal a Story

Cleone Reed character development creative writing creative writing class Deal a Story learning archetypes overcoming writer's block story development Sue Viders The author's author think outside the box tool for writers tool for writing teachers writer's block writing teachers

  Sue Viders—I love this—is fondly called "The Author's Author." When she presented her idea for the Deal a Story card game to us to publish, I got very excited. What a concept!  It is an innovative card game that helps writers overcome creative downtime and the discomfort of facing a blank page. I wish all writing teachers used this in their classes! Deal A Story is a deck of 101 cards that can produce over one million story ideas. It combines characters with a variety of plots and genres, offering a unique way to develop interesting story concepts and...

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STEVE CHANDLER, a prolific author

Cleone Reed Baseball history Herman Melville Jane Austen Steve Chandler Terrence N. Hill Travel writing Two Guys on the Road Two Guys Read Jane Austen Two Guys Read Moby-Dick Two Guys Read the Box Scores Two Guys Read the Obituaries Two Guys Series

On a plane on the East Coast, I got in a conversation with a man and found myself saying, "You should look up Steve Chandler and his books." He said, "You are the second person to tell me his name, and I will look him up." Sometimes you just know when you find "a fit" and can help someone with his or her goals in life. I had a mini-moment with my fellow passenger, but Steve Chandler's life is all about helping others be more successful, whether in their careers or in their personal lives. And through his career, he has...

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Cleone Reed Commitment to parnter Gay Holland Healthy Relationships importance to loyalty integrity in a relationship Robert D. Reed Publishers The Path to Healthy Relationships wedding vows writing your own wedding vows

When my husband and I got married six years ago, we wrote our own vows. Inspired by "My Commitment" by Dr. Michael Ryce, this is how I worded part of my vows to Bob Reed: "My commitment to you today is to love you, to support you and all your needs, and also commit to always act and talk to you and about you in loving and respectful ways, whether in your presence or not. I commit to the value of never having any issue more important than our relationship... I don't know of one word that captures this last...

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About Time for another Horse Movie

Cleone Reed Horse Movies Horse racing Horse Romance Seabiscuit Silver Dreams Sondra Rice Newman

Silver Dreams by Sondra Rice Newman is a wonderful horse romance that should be made into a movie. My first date with my husband eleven years ago was to see the movie, SEABISCUIT. Am I partial to horse movies because of that? People who love horses for sure would love this book, but even though I have never ridden a horse (without being led by a master with a rope), I still loved this book. Maybe it is because with a horse like Silver Dreams, it instills a sense of hope for creatures that don't appear perfect. Available in hard cover...

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