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Chapter 15 Changed My Life Forever

Cleone Reed 30 Days to a New You Authentic Change Business coach Magnetti Coach in Vancouver Life coach Magnetti Luna Coaching Monica Magnetti

Almost seven years ago, my then fiance and I published a book. In the process, I did a final proof edit and stopped dead in my tracks with Chapter 15. No longer an editor, I was just a woman working her process. I don't have to take this book down off my shelf to remember what it was all about. I have told the story countless times. This is one of the most important books of my life, and I will remember and feel the effects on my life until the day I die. This is what I wrote to...

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Before She Dies; After We Die

Cleone Reed After We Die Afterlife Colin Ingram Communicating with the dead communications with the other side Description of the Afterlife I can see clearly now Letting Go True Love What happens after we die? Preparing for death

Before She Dies; After We Die  We are all saying that our friend is dying. Yes, a woman with pancreatic cancer knows her end is near and she is facing her mortality. But as she is dying, she is really living. She lives each moment knowing each one counts. Her grace and dignity inspire me. Our conversation today was meaningful and deep, yet at the same time, light and airy. Dying is a process of letting go. She is letting go of her judgments. She is letting go of her attachment to her earthly belongings. She is letting go of...

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There are college courses on relationships!

Cleone Reed Colleges offer courses on relationships International Association for Relationship Research Marriage homework Relationship poster The Path to Healthy Relationships

This is wonderful news! Read this article:  Imagine these professors and students using the poster, The Path to Healthy Relationships, as a tool in their discussions and reflections. It is also exciting to learn there is an International Association for Relationship Research. To have the emotional intelligence required for a healthy relationship starts with the knowledge of what a healthy relationship is in the first place! I wish I would have had a course in college when I went to school in the late sixties! I do remember taking a class called Marriage and Family in the Social Work Department, and what I got out...

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How Often Do You Search Quotations?

Cleone Reed

My husband and I love quotations and keep a little hand-written book of our favorite quotations. I can't count the times I have gone to the Internet and done a search for a quotation on a certain subject. So imagine our delight to publish Karen Speerstra's book, Questions Writers Ask: Wise, Whimsical, and Witty Answers from the Pros. The 6000 quotations are listed in a conversational manner as if you've gathered the writers in a room and they are responding to one another—and you are a mouse in the corner. I love this book. I think every writer should have this...

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Store Manager 2000 Years of Idiocy Adam Powell Avatar Course College Textbook Emotional Intelligence Harry Palmer History History's Worst Hope for Humanity Human Nature in Crisis Love and War Paddy Welles Religious Studies Rudolf Harmsen University Textbook

One of the most intelligent books we have ever published, if not thee most intelligent, is a book called LOVE and WAR. Two professors, Dr. Rudolf Harmsen and Dr. Paddy Welles, combined their professional and personal experience to write a book that I think should be a textbook on every college/university campus in the world. Maybe, just maybe, there could be some hope for this world if the younger generation in many countries grasped the contents of this book and integrated this knowledge. As Harry Palmer, creator of The Avatar Course, says, "When people realize that beliefs are merely art forms...

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