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Who Put Me in CHARGE?

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Who Put Me in CHARGE?

$ 12.95

Who Put Me in CHARGE? 
Getting to the NEXT LEVEL
by Garry J. Peterson, MBA

This book is a simple ROADMAP to enable the reader to take charge of his or her business role and responsibilities to improve their quality of work and to provide outstanding customer service when Customer Relationship Management is crucial in today’s business climate. You will find a systematic and detailed business model to guide supervisors and executives in the implementation of meaningful organizational change, often within 90 days. This business edition will provide a truly implementable process and significant “takeaways” to lead your company, department, team, or yourself to the NEXT LEVEL, allowing the complex business issues to become incredibly simple. There is also a TOOLBOX of easy-to-understand and easy-to-use exercises that can give you the necessary insight into problem identification and root cause problem-solving. This comprehensive book will also provide some additional observations, nuggets of wisdom, and common-sense advice that are applicable for parents, adults, and business people seeking a perspective on how and what to do to become more accountable and effective, both at home and in the workplace. Key points in this book are reinforced by actual stories and entertaining parables told in a manner that is impactful and strong, helping to cover the subject matter deep and wide. As it is based on the author’s real-world experiences, it is authentic, accurate, honest, and insightful. This book is his attempt to “give back” to the business community, where much of his worldview and day-to-day behavior was developed and evolved. The section of the book on “Lessons Learned” is powerful, purposeful, and pertinent. The book reflects the author’s joy in humor and how to integrate FUN into the difficult business environment that you face. It also reflects his intense PASSION to help people and raise each and everyone to their true potential and become the reader’s “go-to” reference guide. If you do not control the issues in your life, those issues will control you!


  • Understanding your business role and responsibilities
  • Managing expectations for yourself and your team
  • Setting short-term and long-term goals and reaching them
  • Creating a blueprint for taking any size company or entity to the NEXT LEVEL
  • Building accountability and discipline in any and all improvement processes
  • Engaging with a plethora of stories and exercises to build your self-esteem
  • Adding a wide scope of “lessons learned” to your skillset going forward
  • Developing a TOOLBOX to handle any leadership or management issue raised
  • Applying nuggets of wisdom and experience into your own demanding workplace
  • Expanding your experience base with actual knowledge from successful activities
  • Having the ultimate “go-to” reference guide for your constant use
  • Finding a way to have FUN solving serious problems or issues and LOVING your job



 “Garry covers subject matter deep and wide in his book. If you’re looking for nuggets of practical wisdom that, when applied, will help your business get to the next level, look no further than Who Put Me in CHARGE? Garry creatively shares a treasure trove of knowledge and experience through his storytelling. The section of the book that focuses on “Lessons Learned” is powerful and pertinent in today’s business climate. Keep this book close as your “go-to” reference guide.”~ Jay Scherr, Owner, J. Scott Consulting Services

“Over the span of only 18 months, Garry and his “A” team completed an incredible list of accomplishments, gaining us new customers and enabling me to sell my company for a good profit in a difficult market. Garry is the ultimate professional who has an enduring passion for his work and I highly recommend Garry’s book “Who Put Me in Charge?” to determine both “what” course of action is necessary to improve your business and to implement the “how” to make it a sustainable reality. The knowledge transfer is priceless!”  ~ Don Leith, President, Panther Global Technologies

"Garry is a truly unique professional with leadership and teaching skills that offered the heartfelt solutions to problems both in life and in business. He is the only non-professor that I ever allowed to teach my MBA classes in Organizational Behavior. Garry is on a mission to help people and businesses grow and Who Put Me in CHARGE? will provide the reader with the tools and implementation 'takeaways' to build a solid and sustainable improvement foundation.” ~ Dr. Harry Bury, Chair – DBA Program Emeritus, Baldwin-Wallace University, author of Maverick Priest: A Story of Life on the Edge

"I know that I speak for the entire management team at M&S Manufacturing when I say that our investment in Garry Peterson and his team of professionals has resulted in significant contribution in value-added, enabling us to improve our profitability, meet any new competitive challenge and grow our business during a period of actual company survival. Who Put Me in CHARGE? is the simple and concise blueprint to get you to mission end." ~ James Marvin, VP of Operations, M&S Manufacturing 

"Garry methodically lays out the steps for any size business to succeed. He emphasizes teamwork and how to use it effectively, and he puts a positive slant on working together to accomplish a common goal. Any business in any industry today has the same basic problems, issues, and obstacles. These are identified and addressed specifically in the “Lessons Learned” section of Who Put Me in CHARGE?"Nancy E. Simmons, President/CEO, Aero Industries, Inc., and Medi Pro Industries, Inc. 

“Garry worked for me, Vice President of Operations, for nearly ten years. Among his many roles, Garry was responsible for implementing “Total Quality Management” systems throughout all of the international business units of PolyOne Corporation. He proved to be an effective communicator as he had the ability to make complicated concepts simple to understand. Garry was well-liked and appreciated by the business unit personnel. His ability is also demonstrated in his writings and lectures. Readers will find that it is not only easy to understand his concepts but easy to implement his methods. I highly recommend Who Put Me in CHARGE? as an excellent subject matter reference.” ~ Sooi P. Chong, Retired VP, Total Quality Management and Technical Services

"I have personally known Garry for several years and he is a true professional that has a way of communicating like no one else I’ve ever met. Garry’s easy-going personality, quick wit, and a lifetime of knowledge have led him to write a sure-to-be best seller in Who Put Me in CHARGE? His passion, ability, and willingness to share his knowledge are signs of a true leader and mentor in the corporate world. I highly recommend reading Garry’s latest book. I guarantee that you will come away with useful and implementable nuggets of knowledge that will make it well worth your time!" ~ Cindy Dalecki, Owner, Marketing 2 Go

“As the Founder and Owner of a diverse global company, my business had gotten very complex and difficult to manage effectively. Garry has the incredible ability to take complicated issues and make them very simple and manageable. I am truly in his debt for all that he and his team accomplished in a relatively short time and many of the tools and methods used are found in Who Put Me in CHARGE?” ~ John Dedoes, President, Dedoes Industries

“I worked with Garry for many years at General Motors and both enjoyed our time together and appreciated the knowledge and wisdom that I gained from our relationship. Among a myriad of important lessons learned from Garry were two points that I need to mention: First, Garry would always do what he said he would do. Always. Second, he had an amazing understanding and appreciation of CRM, customer relationship management. You will enjoy Who Put Me in CHARGE? and find it comprehensive, refreshing, and useful.” ~ Michael J. Belles, Vendor Logistics, Chevrolet Motor Division

“World Class Leadership” are the first words that come to mind when I am asked to describe Garry’s key strength. We worked together on several major engagements where I witnessed Garry apply his skill set to teach company owners how to save business units that would otherwise have failed. Garry is equally at home helping subordinates realize their potential by mentoring and guiding them through the challenges of our ever-changing business climate. You should read Who Put Me in CHARGE?Stuart Wiles, Partner, Chandler Wiles Group

 Who Put Me in CHARGE? Getting to the NEXT LEVEL provides a systemic and detailed framework to guide supervisors and executives in the implementation of meaningful organizational change within 90 days! The easy-to-follow checklists and processes come to life through Mr. Peterson’s ability to relate real-world business issues through entertaining parables. Allow Mr. Peterson’s years of business consulting experience guide you through your continuous improvement objectives and watch your organization’s key processes and structure SOAR!" ~ Michael L. Karabetsos, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Associate Vice President for Human Resources, Siena Heights University and Nichole L. Karabetsos, CPIM, MBA, Senior Manager Procurement and Logistics, Wacker Chemical


ISBN: 978-1-944297-42-8, 162 pages, $12.95,

eBook: 978-1-944297-43-5, $8.99 on Amazon Kindle

Garry J. Peterson is also the author of Science Fiction, the first book in a five-book series, Stargate Earth, is SHATTERED TRUTH.

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