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Changing Lives: Achieving Your Untapped Potential by Michael Giudicissi

Robert Reed Publishers

Changing Lives: Achieving Your Untapped Potential by Michael Giudicissi

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Foreword by Steve Chandler


Using his own life as an example, Michael Giudicissi’s CHANGING LIVES is the ultimate book on human performance and the power of the mind and spirit to change the world. Written in a series of powerful short strokes, the book will hit you like cold water and wake you up to the fact that life is pure opportunity. Above all, author Michael Giudicissi stresses the need to take responsibility for your life. No victim consciousness allowed here. 

When Michael Giudicissi looked in the mirror and saw a 240-pound couch potato looking back at him, he realized he had to do something. Thus, began his exploration into the core of human motivation, intention, and, ultimately, perfection. Through the process of owning his own life and choices, he transformed himself from someone who could not run to the end of the block into an Ironman triathlete capable of swimming 2.4 miles, cycling 112 miles, and running 26.2 miles IN SUCCESSION – WITHOUT A BREAK.

CHANGING LIVES offers the possibility of joyful evolution: deliberate changes in the body and mind that are undertaken not because something is wrong, but because there is joy in change and growth. Above all, the author stresses the need to take responsibility for your life. No victim consciousness allowed here. Readers are advised to assess the three primary aspects of life — personal, relationship, and career — to determine whether they are in balance and, if not, begin to create goals that will bring them into balance. It may be necessary to face the dark side, but a trip down that long, dark tunnel will pay off in positive change.

CHANGING LIVES: Achieving Your Untapped Potential offers specific guidelines for personal transformation through the power of setting goals. It teaches us how to live life with passion. In the words of the author: “Live big, live small, live easy or hard. Live on the edge or in the middle... do it any way you want, but accomplish something. Challenge yourself and make yourself more tomorrow than you are today.

“Michael Giudicissi is bold in sharing his story, shameless in painting graphic before and after pictures of his body and his psyche with his words, and masterful at using triathlon as a metaphor for how ‘in shape’ we can be.”  ~ Steve Chandler, Author of The Joy of Selling and Fearless

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael Giudicissi is CEO of Home Care Sales by Power Shot Training, Inc., the industry’s premier sales training and consulting firm. He has worked in sales, sales management, and training for nearly twenty years and is the author of six books. 

Michael has trained and coached thousands of home care sales reps all over the United States since founding Power Shot Training in 2006.  Before founding Power Shot Training, Michael served as VP of Business Development for a $40 million multi-site home care company for five years. Michael is a six-time Ironman Triathlon finisher and races at events around the world.

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