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The SIX-FIGURE SPEAKER by Cathleen Fillmore

Robert Reed Publishers

The SIX-FIGURE SPEAKER by Cathleen Fillmore

$ 19.95

Create your own formula to make big money on the circuit!

Bureau owner and consultant Cathleen Fillmore has her finger on the pulse of the speaking industry. She has interviewed and worked with some of the world's top money makers who openly share their strategies. 

  • Get international bookings
  • Learn the business models of top-earning speakers
  • Develop a full pricing strategy
  • Build and maintain your prospect database

The SIX-FIGURE Speaker  shows professional speakers a variety of ways to earn a high six-figure income doing what they love to do.  Cathleen Fillmore openly shares what she’s learned operating a bureau and working with individual speakers over the years.  She’s also interviewed some of the world’s top-paid speakers and discovered that not one has taken a strictly conventional route to success.  They talk candidly about what has worked for them and what pitfalls speakers need to avoid.

Cathleen has held nothing back in her straight talk with speakers on how they can create their own formula for six-figure success in the professional speaking arena.  She’ll suggest a few different routes to take and some to absolutely avoid on the way to the top.    


There is information in this book that you won’t find anywhere else.

"Cathleen, the depth and range of your expertise is amazing.  Keep doing what you're doing—you're changing people's lives.” — Susan Sweeney, CSP, Hall of Fame

“Brilliant!  The SIX-FIGURE Speaker is a MUST read for all serious-minded individuals who want to reap great profits from the business of professional speaking.  It's essential reading for those who dare to be the 'Best of the Best'.  Cathleen has broken the code.” — Brigadier General (CA) (Retired) Ezell Ware, Jr., Author and Professional Speaker

 “The SIX-FIGURE Speaker has the inside track on finding the money in the conference market.  As bureau owner and consultant, Cathleen knows this industry inside-out.  A wealth of information—I highly recommend it.” — Bill Cates, CSP, Author of Get More Referrals Now

Cathleen Fillmore is President of Speakers Gold, a five-star bureau, and is author of four books and more than three hundred articles.  She’s an award-winning writer and a certified professional consultant. Cathleen is event coordinator for The American Chamber of Commerce in Canada.  One of North America’s top speaker consultants, Cathleen works with speakers who want to implement their own six-figure plan and shows them how to find the money in the speaking marketplace.

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