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The Secret of Transitions:  How to Move Effortlessly to Higher Levels of Success by Jim Manton

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The Secret of Transitions: How to Move Effortlessly to Higher Levels of Success by Jim Manton

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"A powerful and mesmerizing book that will shake you with its candor and intelligence." ~ Steve Chandler, Co-author of 100 Ways to Create Wealth

Wherever you are in your career, this book will make your transition to the next level effortless and immediate.
With user-friendly exercises, you will be able to apply lesson after exciting lesson to your own life so that your success is NOW rather than later. 

Manton’s own deeply moving personal journey of transitions is a thread that runs through this book like a novel you can't put down.  He teaches principles with electrifying, dramatic stories of life and death in the combat zone of Viet Nam, intriguing martial arts learning experiences, real-world stories of personal courage and growth, and unsolvable workplace dilemmas solved through transitioning techniques all readers can use.  

Jim Manton draws on his many years as a top high-tech executive as well as his current work as a career coach to give the reader a true handbook for success in this rapidly-changing world... a book that shows you how to make your transitions yourself, with vision, skill and purpose, without waiting for change to "happen to you."

In Chapter Six of The Secret of Transitions, author Jim Manton reveals a powerful and intimate moment from his own life. He was a soldier in Viet Nam, and his squad was taking heavy fire from the “enemy.” In the midst of the noise of guns and injured soldiers screaming, he found himself suddenly looking into the eyes of a North Vietnamese soldier. In spite of the intense programming to “kill the enemy,” he had an epiphany; he saw the man as a friend and was unable to raise his rifle and shoot him. It was a transition that called forth a different way of looking at himself and the reality of his life. Jim Manton made a powerful spiritual transition in that one moment. Now, years later, he has given us this concisely-written book to help us create our own transitions. Highly recommended. – Jessica Bryan, Independent Book Reviewer

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Bootstrapping his way to a Fortune 500 president, Jim Manton has experienced the thrill of break-through results, the strain of exponential growth, and the disappointment of shortfalls.  Today Jim coaches successful people and helps them transition to even higher levels of success, not only in their businesses and careers but also in personal growth, relationships and life balance.   He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

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